There’s chatter that Bravo has lost another peach because Phaedra Parks may be taking a little time away from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Season 7 of “RHOA” will be a rough on for the author-attorney. Her husband Apollo Nida is heading off to prison, and she’s got to figure out how she’ll raise their sons on her own while he’s in lock up. That’s a lot for anyone to deal with, but she’s got to it in the public eye!

To take some of the pressure of herself, Phaedra will be taking a small break from the show. According to, the leave of absence will allow her to make sure that her family is as stable as it can be during this difficult transition.

Phaedra herself hasn’t said anything about her rumored retreat, at this time. If the gossip is to be believed, “RHOA” fans may not notice her absence initially as she’s filmed a lot of footage for the show.

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27 thoughts on “Phaedra Parks Takes Leave Of Absence From ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’?!

  1. carmen on said:

    Good bye forever fakedra, bottom line is you’re a con artist yourself, that’s why you chose that creep little guy Apollo as your baby daddy your husband. You sniffed him out because appearently you were partners in crime. Fronting like you’re all that, entertainment lawyer representing D List entertainers and stripppers. Truly fake and a fool.

  2. The truth about Marissa Alexander that BAW won’t tell you:
    Yes, her husband had a history of domestic abuse but Ms. Alexander was also abusive and she had a temper. She had a year long restraining order against her husband, during that time she conceived and had a child with him. They got into an argument about texts to an ex of hers and accusations of who the real father of the baby was and there was shoving. Now then she bypassed two exits of the home and went into the garage (3rd exit). She told LE that the garage door was broken and she could not get out but when checked the door worked just fine. She retrieved a handgun from her car and returned back to the inside of the home. She claimed she fired a warning shot into the ceiling, she did not, the path of the bullet was at head level where her husband and 2 children were standing and the path can be traced as it went through the walls.
    Her husband left his home with his children and called the police and she locked herself inside the home…..she never called 911. Her story did not match the evidence. Her husband changed his story from the 911 call to try and protect her but changed back to the original version for the trial. His eldest son also testified at the trial.
    When she was out on bail she violated the terms set by bail (she was to have no contact with her husband) and again went to the home. She then assaulted her husband leaving him with a black eye. He, once again, was the one to call 911 and she never did and left the scene. When the police caught up to her they noticed no injuries on her and place her in handcuffs and into a car. Shortly afterwards she complained of her head hurting and a cut was seen on her head and she was transported to the hospital. It was suggested that she caused her own injury after being put into the police car to frame her husband. Because of the history of domestic violence, the prosecutor wanted to cut her a break and offered her 3 yrs and a lesser charge but Alexander took her chances on SYG and the jury. She lost on the SYG hearing and turned down her plea deal.
    Because she bypassed 2 first exits to leave the home and went out a 3rd door and retrieved a gun and went back to confront her ex, this is why she lost out on SYG. She was out of any danger but went back to continue the confrontation only this time with a gun. That is not standing your ground.
    If anything, Florida’s 10-20-Life law is what needs to be changed. Show a gun and you get 10 yrs, fire a gun and you get 20, kill someone and you get Life. These are firm sentences with no wiggle room or discretion left to the judge.

  3. bill squi on said:

    the embarrassment is haunting her, you should not have gotten involved with a convict, once a con always a con

  4. She’ll be back alright….right after Apollo reports to prison! She is just sparing her and her family the public humiliation by not filming during the time he will actually get locked up. Frankly, I don’t think that BRAVO should cast any family, where the wife and/or husband gets convicted of a felony. Therefore in my opinion…..Phadre needs tobe fired!!!!!

    • seriously on said:

      Wow, so Teresa from RHONJ is actually convicted of her scams and admitted as well and no one is talking about having her removed, while she awaits to be sentenced. While allowing her to continue to promote and do her reality show…while making money…Yet you want Phaedra fire, who so far has not be charged or convicted of any crime….wow…Nothing like black women throwing black women under the bus…or a self-hating nogrow. Yall are a sad lot, really

      • Skye on said:

        How do you know she doesn’t feel the same way about Teresa? Why do you assume she even knows about Teresa’s situation? This post is about Phaedra, not RHONJ. Looks like you’re the one throwing HER under the bus without having any facts.

  5. seriously on said:

    Perhaps Phaedra is wrapping up things a little earlier as she does has her own reality show coming up…She is going back to what made her a millionaire in the first place, representing celebrities…At least Phaedra knows how to grow her money and protect her money. Unlike Kenya, getting evicted and having her Bentley repo, or Porsha renting a house with no furniture….And a divorce with no money…

      • Tigerlilly on said:

        In a modern context, the term is used to describe graceful Southern-born females from any ethnic background. The term may also be used for a débutante from the southern United States. There is no single formula for what constitutes a Southern belle today, but they are certainly not all old money and triple-legacy sorority girls.[

  6. Lynn on said:

    Good for you Phaedra! This is the way you should handle it, unlike the 2 from RHNJ who want to use the show to beg everyone to help get them out of there mess. You are a real lady to think about your kids and yourself. The 2 from NJ just want it to be me me me and more me. They should have gotten off the show til it was over. Now we have to listen to them cry in every show. Makes me sick.
    Good luck to you.

  7. Diane Kelly on said:

    The idiot who said Phaedra has ten million dollars really missed the mark!!!!!She could have paid off her husbands crime if she were truly rich.And you snidely called out poor black women when your ignorant.Your not rich just because you practice law,mortuary science,and appear on a reality show.

    • seriously on said:

      Your meant ignorance? Only weak kneed losers pays someone’s debt that they made themselves…You are so stupid it is not worth a explaining. That someone who have multiple careers, investments and businesses could become independently wealthy. Of course you cannot comprehend that…I do not know whether to shake my head at your stupidity or crown you queen of the obtuse.

  8. Fake-tra is running because she no longer has a story-line. It’s obvious that once her no-good hubby leaves for the big-house for the next 8 years, she doesn’t have anything to bring to the table.
    She can’t continue to go after Kenya because it’s being alledged that Apollo finally came clean and admitted that he lied on Kenya, which caused all of that hostility between his wifey and Kenya. I’m glad that he finally came clean…he never smashed it and said he did send her texts, basically stalking her.

    Faketra spent to much time hating on Kenya when it is apparent that Kenya represented the women that her husband chased.

    She should bow out of RHOA and go get another life.


    • seriously on said:

      You sure you are not on team Porsha, afterall if you would have actually read the article, you would have read that Phaedra has already taped the majority of the episodes to RHOA and this is only a rumor.

      • Well since you asked, no I am not a fan of Porsha….however. U may need to re-read the article as it is not referring to Porsha. It is referencing Phaedra and her rumored break during this season’s filming. bloop.

  9. seriously on said:

    What a b.s. article…I am always amazed how black folks, particularly black women love to bring another women down…Phaedra Parks is worth 12 million dollars, smart enough to build on the income she received from RHOA to make more money, she is a lawyer, author, mortician. She already have nannies and housekeepers, (it is not like Apollo was any help anyways). So, I am sure her home life is already stable, unlike all the poverty stricken, leaving kids alone and in the car single moms out there. If she needs time out, let’s not speculate that she can not handle her business like a grown woman that she is, geez haters, you are more pathetic than ever. I

    • Don’t be a fool Phaedra is not worth 12 million if my wife was worth 12 million why in the hell would I go out and commit crimes for money.

      • seriously on said:

        Yes, she is worth that and she was apparently smart to have an pre-nup and even smarter not to take care of man/woman with her money. What is sad is you say that southern belle is for white women and Phaedra cannot be worth what she worked for as if she is black, she must be poor, ill-mannered, ignorant and weak enough to take care of a man. I would not have supported him during our marriage or when he got locked up. A real man do not live or expect a woman to take care of them and a real woman can hold her own. If you want to live in the cage of what defines a black person that is you…but you do know that caged animals are only their for abuse and entertainment for others.

        Which one is you?

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Uhmm, because he is a natural born criminal with no money of his own would be my guess.

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