Again, the images you’re about to see are NSFW.

After Nicki Minaj posted the artwork for her  newest single, “Anaconda”, the rapper received tons of criticism for her booty baring backshot.



Late last night, Nicki took to her Instagram and subliminally responded to those that felt she was showing off a little too much of her most famous assets.

In a series of photos taken from Sports Illustrated, Nicki captioned their photos ‘Acceptable’. She then posted her now controversial artwork and tagged it with ‘Unacceptable’.

See the flicks below:












Does she have a point? Is there a racial double standard?

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(Photo Source: Instagram)


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24 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Critics Over Booty Baring Backshot, Compares Artwork to Supermodels

  1. Guest1 on said:

    I think white men can only deal with a certain amount of @ss, and Nicki…well, I think Nicki frightens them. She’s right, they have no issue with the “Becky” pics. Same scenario. Ass out, string up crack. Double standard. People can call it what they want, but no class is no class, and that goes for all four pics. I don’t care who their target audience is.

  2. betty on said:

    If you have the money you too can go and get one just like this! It is all FAKE! Men getting off over fat that was remove from several areas to the butt!

  3. The truth about Marissa Alexander that BAW won’t tell you:
    Yes, her husband had a history of domestic abuse but Ms. Alexander was also abusive and she had a temper. She had a year long restraining order against her husband, during that time she conceived and had a child with him. They got into an argument about texts to an ex of hers and accusations of who the real father of the baby was and there was shoving. Now then she bypassed two exits of the home and went into the garage (3rd exit). She told LE that the garage door was broken and she could not get out but when checked the door worked just fine. She retrieved a handgun from her car and returned back to the inside of the home. She claimed she fired a warning shot into the ceiling, she did not, the path of the bullet was at head level where her husband and 2 children were standing and the path can be traced as it went through the walls.
    Her husband left his home with his children and called the police and she locked herself inside the home…..she never called 911. Her story did not match the evidence. Her husband changed his story from the 911 call to try and protect her but changed back to the original version for the trial. His eldest son also testified at the trial.
    When she was out on bail she violated the terms set by bail (she was to have no contact with her husband) and again went to the home. She then assaulted her husband leaving him with a black eye. He, once again, was the one to call 911 and she never did and left the scene. When the police caught up to her they noticed no injuries on her and place her in handcuffs and into a car. Shortly afterwards she complained of her head hurting and a cut was seen on her head and she was transported to the hospital. It was suggested that she caused her own injury after being put into the police car to frame her husband. Because of the history of domestic violence, the prosecutor wanted to cut her a break and offered her 3 yrs and a lesser charge but Alexander took her chances on SYG and the jury. She lost on the SYG hearing and turned down her plea deal.
    Because she bypassed 2 first exits to leave the home and went out a 3rd door and retrieved a gun and went back to confront her ex, this is why she lost out on SYG. She was out of any danger but went back to continue the confrontation only this time with a gun. That is not standing your ground.
    If anything, Florida’s 10-20-Life law is what needs to be changed. Show a gun and you get 10 yrs, fire a gun and you get 20, kill someone and you get Life. These are firm sentences with no wiggle room or discretion left to the judge.

      • Kerry, it has nothing to do with this news topic. I’m just trying to spread the word, and Minaj’s rear seems to be a news topic that has attracted the opinions of many a colored folk. Can’t for the life of me determine why you would find this news, but it clarified why blacks trail all races in education.

  4. Guest on said:

    Michelle Beadle (ESPN) let me enlighten you to why Stephen A Smith said NOTHING offensive on ESPNs First Take this morning!!! I’m a domestic abuse survivor as well and I told my daughter when she headed off to Ohio State “Don’t fall out drunk at parties, don’t sleep with the FB team because if something happens and I have to tear through that university I want to know you LISTENED!” She did and had a wonderful student athlete experience. See Michelle I applaud Stephen for issuing an apology to dial back his remarks but as a BLACK mother I knew what he mean!!!. Acting like SOLANGE KNOWLES IS UNACCEPTABLE unless self defense. Jay would be on death row if he defended himself. Janay and Roger Goodell know what was on that tape that showed Janey guilty as h@ as well (media mad Carter Knowles shut down further hotel tape leaks hahaha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Ravens and Buckeyes! Can’t wait for FB season to start…..

    • @Guest; Regarding Stephen A…..Just like you; I knew what he meant. Unfortunately (some) people didn’t get his bigger point. In no way did I construe what he said as suggesting that it’s a woman’s fault if she is abused. Big ups to you for making sure your daughter was given great guidance before she left for school; because so many parents don’t discuss this with their kids.

  5. Guest on said:

    Now Nicki you know if Beyonce published this same picture the black media would come up with excuses as “art” and the Obama girls would be at her concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Double standard for sure as Nelly pointed out years ago!

    • @Guest: What does the Obama girls going to Beyoncé’s concert have to do with Nicki’s BIG ‘A’ spread eagle all over the place??!!

  6. Now why is it such a big deal. She’s an entertainer and not the first female artist to perhaps Show too much and she won’t be the last.

  7. Whatever….double standard, or not. Nicki’s A is to BIG. Her A looks like (2) NBA basketballs. And, with all that A…..I don’t think she even has a male companion, i.e., husband, or boyfriend.

    • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

      You are right. People need to stop being in denial. I’m a thick girl not a fat girl but I have come to term with the fact that some girls can wear stuff that I can’t. Just like I can wear stuff that may not look right on them. Fact is fact and truth is truth. Nicki know that don’t look classy, it’s cute for my man in the bedroom though but not the world.

  8. H Jay on said:

    Nicki is wrong. Men’s magazines aren’t selling music and clothing to teenage girls.
    She has tremendous influence on that age group and should be more aware of what her audience is.

      • H Jay on said:

        You miss my point. It’s about who is your target audience. Sports Illustrated sells mainly to men over 30. Nicki plays to a larger market and therefore it’s not about what is sexy black or white. It is about what messages that you want to send to the markets your are appealing to.

      • I said it. on said:

        I see they left it up to the most intellectually disabled person they could find.

  9. I said it. on said:

    The first set of girls are touching each others behinds. In the 1st and 2nd picture a breast is showing. All of that’s okay because … In the first three, the most important factor and what makes the pictures acceptable is that the behinds are barely there and are attached to women who aren’t black. Sex is sex and all of the pictures are using it to sell a product.

  10. Johnny Jedkins on said:

    I agree with Niki.When sportscenter swum suit addition comes out with scantily clad women in bikinis. No one seems to care.But when a black beautiful fine lady such as Niki comes out posing the gossip starts the negative comments. Please people leave her alone.

  11. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    I think things can be acceptable but it depends on how you do it. The first pic of the 3 girls is for a men’s magazine so of course what attracts men? Women! The sec is a swim suite catalog so what’s gonna be in it? Swim suites. Now the 3rd one that was just plain gross, I nearly lost my lunch. I mean seriously she looks hungry! Then we have nicki… Squatted down like she is about to give oral, with her legs open??? Hmmm… The purpose is? The 3 girls look as though they are having fun with a group of friends and the solo girl is doing her job to sell bathing suit. Guess nicki tryna sell her album but that’s going to only attract men and I’m sure she knows that and that’s why she doing it. She already know the ladies like her an will buy but she needs males to buy to and what men like?! Ass and titties lol. Just know the diff between classy way of doing things and trashy way. Do better ladies

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