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After her child care arrangements fell through, Shanesha Taylor, an unemployed single mother in Arizona, left her young sons strapped inside her car while she interviewed for a job nearby. The temperature inside the vehicle climbed beyond 100 degrees while she was away.

“It was a moment of desperation,” Shanesha Taylor said in an exclusive interview on TODAY. “It was me knowing my family was in crisis and knowing that I had to make a choice between providing for my children or caring for my children.”


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6 thoughts on “Arizona Mom Leaves Kids In 100-Degree Car While On Job Interview [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Veronica on said:

    Regardless how you rationalize it. If your child dies in your car and you are the cause of his or her death what’s the purpose of you getting a job. YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL!!!!! and hopefully it’s for life. I understand your struggle but come on be a mom and think of that child’s well being before you do something so stupid.

  2. Judson on said:

    I just don’t get it! She took a risk leaving those children in that car. What if they’d died or been kidnapped by a pedophile or any of the dangers children are subject to in today’s world? Where’s the simple common sense?

  3. Gloria on said:

    While I am a single parent, I truly understand however, bringing them inside and explaining your situation would have been a far better situation… This is happening too often now and I just have to say people, use better judgement and stop neglecting these poor children this way…and if the excuse is well, they probably wouldn’t like the idea of bringing my kids and not hire me, we’ll have they hired you upon learning you left your kids trapped in a hot car?

      • I said it. on said:

        Lol. Now, you know that is not an option. How would most recipients get housing, Medicaid, and food vouchers if they didn’t keep up their reproductive numbers? You’re trying to force people to receive training, get a job, and then wait to have children.
        What’s funny is that people on the system can get daycare very cheap with the Neighborhood Centers program. Hardworking parents have to pay full price. Some on benefits will take their children to the twenty-four hour daycare.
        What’s more hilarious is that she got paid for her decision with 15 minutes of fame.

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