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There is no shortage of reality TV divas from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to the stars of Love and Hip-Hop. But now we may be getting a show that could actually provide some viewers with a positive look at how women can get their lives back on track after a public divorce.

One woman in particular is the draw for Atlanta Exes the latest of the reality shows. Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife has been through her fair share of tragedy in the last few years – from a very public divorce from her husband, to her son’s death the next year, losing custody of her two sons with Usher, having to move out of the home she shared with Usher and her children and another almost dying in a pool accident.

Not to say that Torrei Hart (Kevin Hart’s ex)  Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo’s baby mama and ex-fiancee) Sheree Buchanan (ex-wife of NFL player Ray Buchanan) and Christina Johnson (ex-wife of Cee Lo Green) don’t all have their stories to tell. And of course, reality TV is their avenue to telling them.

Here’s the trailer for the show’s first season.

Will you watch, if only to find out what Raymond, the world’s most hated ex is really like?

Atlanta Exes premieres August 18th at 9:30 p.m. on VH1.

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13 thoughts on “Here’s The First Look At ‘Atlanta Exes’ [WATCH]

  1. JLove on said:

    Enough is enough. It’s one thing that black women are not in movies or on television the way we deserve…but to be on television only as the kind of woman that society want us to be for a dollar is a crying shame. Enough is Enough. It would be nice the next time one of these money hungry producers appear at a door step they’re told…no…let’s do a positive show about and for the children we’re letting get lost in these…EX-wives…Housewives…Married to Med…etc shows. Lord Help Us~

  2. This Black Reality TV (aka The ‘New Blaxploitation’) is gonna be the Death of Blacks. It’s decaying us. We’re not getting involved with what’s important in our communities, our issues. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

    • JLove on said:

      I feel you. They’re all so greedy they don’t see they’re being played. Just peeking in on these shows makes the heart ache to watch sisters back biting, fighting etc…oh I’m so done with ratchet.

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  4. seriously on said:

    Another show about black women who are losers and blame everyone else for their problems excepts themselves, oh, of course that will include attacking each other. Yep, women who slung ass and not brains and they lost. Usher’s ex, left out she also lost custody of her other children to her other ex, who did not have Usher’s money or influence…Just good parent vs. bad parent. She should be a poster child for birth control. These women have no shame or dignity, nor do the women/men who watch such garbage.

    These women and their supporters mine as well be back on the plantation, shuck n jiven for master, in hopes of an extra potato for dinner and they will be happy with that.

    Well these women and their supporters do not speak nor represent me at all. They are bottom feeders!

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    Just what we need. One more group of no account, mean spirited, vengeful, male bashing, self righteous, crocodile tearing, hateful black women who perpetuate the negative myth about sisters.
    Good luck,… NOT!

  6. hoodtechie on said:

    Dam another lame show about some women who went for the men because of their money, please!!! Aren’t there any real talented black people for television? These women need to move on with their lives. They hitched a ride with a famous person, lived a great life, now it’s time to get off the ride. Not one of these females thought to go to school to learn a skill so they can support themselves in case they are shown the door. No they were to busy on their backs, endless shopping and dining trips and the brothers got tired of it all. They were traded in for a newer and younger model and the cycle goes on. Nobody cares about their personal lives keep it to yourself. This is why sports bars make so much money, men don’t want to see this crap because they know the real reasons these pretend to be high class women were kicked to the curb, ignorance and being a bird brain. In reality after 6 months or maybe a year the lust is gone and without the makeup, weaves and clothes they are just another ordinary girl in Atlanta, dispensible.It is what it is truth be told in 2 to 3 months these same women will be in the clubs searching for their next meal ticket.Same thing will happen to beyonce, rhianna etc…don’t believe it look at chilli & t-boz, ashante’ and the list goes on.

    • Linda on said:

      hoodtechie, I’m going with you on this, more fighting, excessive drinking and crying on what you had and why we should all fee sorry for you. Please move on and do something productive for yourselves and children! Pass!

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