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Vine user Rashid Polo has a very popular channel. Everything from laugh out loud clips to the clever and original ideas he squeezes into 10 seconds is intriguing.

But it’s his videos of him catching white employees following him around any store he visits, quite impressive.

His take? They think he’s going to steal something. Ours, after seeing the clips? We totally agree!

Check out the videos below:

Interesting, huh?

Have you ever noticed you’re being followed around the store? How does  it make you feel? How do you react?

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(Video Source: Vine)


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22 thoughts on “GOTCHA! Black Kid Records White Employees Following Him Around In Stores [WATCH]

  1. October on said:

    Not only whites but Asians are notorious for following you around the store as well. I use to frequent a Beauty Supply store to purchase soap, shampoo and conditioner but not anymore. When I entered the establishment, which I did often, the lady at the counter, who remembered my spoke and told me the soap was available for purchase. I proceeded to the isle to retrieve the soap only to notice one of the stores employees standing at the end of the isle. Didn’t pay much attention to her fiddling with the merchandise. I remembered that I needed shampoo and conditioner and proceeded to that isle to get my products. There she was again at the end of the isle fiddling with the merchandise. “I get it, she is following me” I immediately, went to the counter and told the woman I would no longer patronize their establishment and that I knew what she was doing. To this day, I have not and I’ve told as many as I could what had happened. Funny, they set-up shop in our neighborhoods but treat us like criminals.

    • Black criminals make up 80% of the prison population, yet only 14% of the US population. Who you gonna watch for crime in your store? Simple math peeps. A store owner doesn’t know you aren’t a thief, but they do know that 80% of blacks are. To break it down, 8 out of 10 blacks will likely shoplift. They gonna follow you, live with it. We embraced the Keepin’ it real, fock the po-po, no snitching’ lifestyle, now we pay for it.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Your constant stereotyping is so tiresome! If you have every worked in retail, you would know that white females are the biggest shoplifters. Holla! You racist troll.

    • TV is not real life Angela, sorry to break it to you. Look at the incarceration statistics for blacks. More black men in prison than college. I know Wimbledon is over, but you just got SERVED.

  2. When I notice them following me, sometimes I stop real fast and turn around and ask why are they following me. Then again if I’m not in a hurry I purposely walk up and down each aisle and around the whole store several times. They get tired before I do. Stupid. I leave without buying anything.

      • hottlanta on said:

        Jiggy plays the race card and only respond when black folks do something wrong. He was mighty quiet last week when the FBI caught these white guys in a theft ring by breaking in people houses all across the southeastern states calling themselves Ninjas. He is also quiet when this white guy was found guilty killing his wife and his unborn child and they are also looking for another white woman who had an affair on her husband she might be feared dead. It’s been a field day with white on white crime and yet we black folks are still trying to move into their neighorhoods. That boogles the mind completely. Now our kids need bullet proof vests to go to school the way these white kids are shooting up the school.

      • I think your mind may be the only one that’s “boogled”. Everyone else’s may just be a little boggled.

    • As hard as I try, even though I know it’s wrong, I just can’t help LMAO whenever I read one your insanely stupid posts. It’s like when you see babies that are so ugly, they’re cute. Your posts are so idiotic, they’re funny. I adore you.

  3. Callie on said:

    This is just sad – but unfortunately a fact of life for those of us with darker hued skin tones. I’ve encountered this blatant racism even when I was younger than the teen on the video. (Only I didn’t have a video camera back then…) I’ve never stolen anything in my life – but still get followed around the store – even in my adult years – it’s very annoying. Unlike when I was younger, when I see it happening now – I call them out on it – and take my business elsewhere…! Thanks to this young man for bringing this ongoing issue to light in the way he knows how…

  4. Linda on said:

    Kudo’s to this young man!!!!

    White folks are the ones who I usually see STEALING in stores, yet it is always us who the store employees, and rent a cop securty guards follow!!!!!!!

    The only thing I want in any store is their SAFE–not the merchandise on the shelves!!!!!!!

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