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LAS VEGAS (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden urged the NAACP on Wednesday to spread the word about what he called “a hailstorm” of measures to restrict citizens’ ability to vote, trying to rally the Democratic Party’s base before the midterm elections.

In a 31-minute speech to the civil rights group’s annual convention in Las Vegas, Biden said there have been 83 attempts this year alone in 29 states to restrict voting rights. The measures stiffen requirements on identification needed to vote, or limit or end early voting.

“These moves to limit the right to vote are nothing more than pure politics, masquerading as attempts to combat corruption where there is none,” Biden said.

Civil rights groups complain the measures make it harder for minorities to vote because they have less access to identification and depend more on early voting. Biden said if the laws had been in effect during the 2012 election and only six percent of black voters who cast their ballots had been unable to vote, President Obama would have lost Florida rather than narrowly winning the state.

Biden also criticized the Republican judges on the U.S. Supreme Court who last year gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, noting the measure had strong bipartisan support for decades. He said that after former segregationist Strom Thurmond voted to reauthorize the measure in the 1980s and Republicans continued to support the law “I thought we had finally won.”

Biden’s speech was part of a swing through liberal political gatherings by the vice president, who has been eclipsed by Hillary Clinton as Democrats jockey for position in 2016. He will speak to the National Urban League in Ohio on Thursday.

The emphasis on voting rights is also an effort to motivate minority voters who are more likely to sit out midterm elections like the upcoming one in November. Blacks voted at a greater rate than whites for the first time in history in 2012 and some observers believe the efforts to restrict voting access backfired and increased African-American turnout.

Hours later, Biden spoke to about 200 activists gathered to support Erin Bilbray, a Democrat who is challenging Republican Rep. Joe Heck in a swing district in the Las Vegas suburbs. The vice president scoffed at pundits’ predictions that Democrats are in for a drubbing in November, contending that “for the first time in my life” the public agrees with the party on all major issues, from gay marriage to immigration to the minimum wage.

“The reports of the demise of the Democratic Party,” Biden said, “are premature.”

(Photo: AP)

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18 thoughts on “Biden Tells NAACP Voting Rights Are In Danger

  1. Waymas on said:

    What he is saying is that the Dem created, child-like-dependent, career-victim, party’s voting base is now to ignorant, weak, and lazy to figure out how to obtain an ID to vote. That is a Dem victory….A free human owes no other free human his property stolen by force, and is owed no property for free, stolen by force, else both are no longer free humans, freely productive humans, or generous humans. Socialist Libs will steal themselves to shame and death: that’s written in history, and is their inevitable fate……Every thieving lib cause comes down to one thing: stealing their free 5hit from productive people to survive their own laziness and failure. The lazy lib/socialist/communist/progressive/fascist/next masking name for a common thief, believes that bigger and more gov, more tax and waste; and centralized gov control by an elite corrupt few over free individuals is the cure. Libs selfishly preserve their backs by stealing and breaking the backs of others instead. Lie, cheat, deceive, steal, entitled, murder, racist, sexist, hoax, hype, hysteria, naïve, lazy, weak, jealous, blame, ignorant, enslave, selfish, hypocrite, greedy, tyranny, haters of free America, and shirk or delegate personal responsibility, all to steal the earned property of productive people to support and grow laziness to buy votes from less productive people. Libs are the true evil enemy of our free America and the naturally given, individual freedom, liberty, and justice of all good, and productive Americans. Libs are career victims, enabled by jealousy and subsidies to survive failure effortlessly.

  2. MundusVolDecipi on said:

    Cut the crap and get the required ID. It’s not that hard. ID is required to buy alcohol, get married, etc. No one is discriminating against you if they ask to see ID before you can vote. That is the process in many states and should be adopted nationwide. You have two years, get with the program and stop playing the helpless victim card.

  3. Timekeeper on said:

    No one wants to ride on the greivance train. I think they would all prefer to ride on the Freedom train. Freedom from voter ID laws that make it extra, exra difficult for minorities to vote. Mr. Biden, making people aware of thhat should not cause anyone to use the term race bait or any other such derrogatory meaning. The fact that it has, shows the agitated state that so many are in at the thought of people of color mobilizing. First, it as Al and Jessie. such and old term it is like uisng the word “groovy” Ha, ha, ha. and then its on to using the term MSNBC another assumption that is clearly pulling the covering off of the facade of objectivity. Keep trying but you are 2 for 2 already.

    • jhuf on said:

      Hum this sounds like testimony I can just as well use against the FOX Ted GOP etc.
      assertions you made, seems I do have valid points.

  4. jhuf on said:

    I know those who have hopped on their grievance train have made them rich.
    And I suppose the teachings MSNBC preclude you from thinking or acting of your own
    Will but instead do, say and think as they instruct. and 50 yrs from now you’ll still be blaiming someone and every one for your loss of Initiative that you sold off for a ticket to ride

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    I dont think we ever have to worry about any Republican pushing anyone out of the way to discuss voter ID laws. First, they would have to admit there is even a problem. and they will never do that. As for Jessie and Al, that is a dog whislte that Fox, GOP, Tea Party, KKK, Skinheads, Ted Nugent, the list goes on and on. Ha, ha that is so funny and pedestrian and common, it gives away any real reaosn or objectivity. If I had a dime for every time one of those aforementioned groups I mentioend said Al or Jesse we’d all be rich!! How common, and old, I mean really, really, old.

  6. And then there are those like I just mention that believe everything is racist. They cater to those who need an excuse. And they obviously have a market,
    As far as Republicans playing the race card, I’ll look closer to see which one pushes Al
    Or Jessie out of the way to complain about ID’s or stop and frisk although I have noticed
    Mostly Republicans have talked about the slaughter going on in Chicago Hm maybe that the Race card play

  7. Timekeeper on said:

    Invoking racism at the drop of a hat is a GOP specialty. They know just how to walk right up to that line, and then when they get called out on it, claim minorities are the race baiters. That bait and switch manuever unfortunatley has worked well in some instances. Which is why when racism occurs and peole of color are foced to address it, they then are the ones accused of hustling. Neat trick and as you can see some have bought into it. Votre ID drives have been, and continue to take place all of the time. that is no excuse for the supreme court declairng that racism no longer exists. That is the joke of the century and is, in fact, leaving many unable to vote regardless of how many drives one would have. Obvioulsy, there are always two sides to this and some will never, ever believe in bigoted related issues. For that mattter, some still dont even believe in the holocaust. Admitting racism is just too much to ask. and like Stephen, the faithfl, no account butler in Django, you will always have a few who will go along with this. we all know some.

  8. Hum seems invoking racism at the drop of a hat is the new business model of the grievance/ race hustling industry, `although most states with voter ID laws have Rep governors there are some with Dem’s (I guess Biden hasn’t figured out how to address them), and I can see instilling the victimhood mentality in those who could and would
    be better served by launching a get your voter ID drive/really (since the supreme court ruled in favor of these states) But no we’ll continue to praise those in the Race industry who literally say “Blacks are too stupid to obtain ID’s so your laws only hurt them,
    (not Whites, Asians ,Indians, Legalized Hispanics, Mid Easterners, emigrants from Africa)

  9. Timekeeper on said:

    No, there is no need to look at the man behind the curtain, becuase he has come out and is showing himself to the public, standing chest out and proud in all of his bigoted glory. Between jerrymandering most districts and disqualifying minority voters the GOP feels they can win one more election. Biden’s words ring true, regardless of the partisan nature they may suggest. Like global warming, voter suppression is real. attacking and ridiculing minorities doesnt make it any less true. Denying racism is the new form of racism. Yes, republicans, and those who suppor them laugh it away, and “what sles is new” If you ever expect them to admit it, dont waste your time. Just go out and do your duty and dont be denied your rights. Politically, this is game time, and yes Im sure the NAACP is aware as we all should be.

  10. jhuf on said:

    Looks like another “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” moment southern boarder overrun middle east in crisis more and more criticism from his own party. I see the “oh sh!t we gotta
    whip-up our base” moment

  11. Linda on said:

    If the NAACP is not aware of this then they defintely need to close-up shop NOW!!!!!!—-

    Are they even still relevant?????

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