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The only way to get what you really want is to let go of what you don’t want.” –  Iyanla Vanzant

In order to get where you want and need to go, you must recognize what’s working well in your life, hold on to that and build it up. At the same time, you must let go of what’s not working well in your life so that you are free to move forward.

 Change is not always easy, but you have the ability to decide what’s possible. Circumstances such as kids, finances and relationships may impact us but, if you really want it and believe that you can change your life, you can. The important thing is to have a vision and then support it with a plan.

Once you have clarity and you’re ready to move forward, anything and anybody that’s negative, that’s weighing you down or holding you back must go.

There are some people, situations and lifestyles that drain your time and energy. They simply don’t work for your life anymore.

When I interviewed Alicia Keys, whose voice, career and album are all “On Fire”, we discussed the power of letting go of things in your life that are no longer working – everything from hair to lifestyle to people.

I couldn’t help but ask Alicia about cutting her hair. It was a dramatic change from the Alicia Keys that the world has become accustomed to seeing on the small or big screen singing at award shows, performing in videos, promoting her projects, speaking about issues close to her heart or more recently, acting.

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