Whether her hair was in braids, natural curls, coiffed or flat-ironed, the one constant is that it was always pretty long.

Here’s what Alicia had to say about cutting her hair: “You know, I think I just feel more easy. I definitely feel like when you’ve had your hair for a lot of years – and then you cut it – it kind of lets go of a lot of years and just kind of allows you to be fresh and start again. And that’s a lot about … just finding my place and my newness now and it just feels really empowering, sexy and fly.”

Hair is a reflection of our essence. The Bible says that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. So what does your hair say about you? Is it free, heavy, fun, sexy, stylish or conservative, dark, light or bright? Changing your hair is like changing your identity.

When a woman cuts her hair, it’s like cutting ties with her old self and beginning anew. Stylist Mattie Michelle says, “By the time a client comes to me to get a major haircut, it’s usually a reflection of change that’s already happening in her life. Most times, a haircut is a manifestation of a metamorphosis from the inside out.”

Letting go of your hair can often make you feel exposed and vulnerable because there is less to hide behind. If you cut your hair really short, it can almost be like a coming out party, letting go of what was and reinventing yourself.  But you must be ready to be revealed.

I, too, am on that journey of letting go of my permed hair and entering the natural world of curls. Check out my transition and first hair post above:

I’d rather see a person with a natural mind and processed hair than a processed mind and natural head. – Erykah Badu

Are you ready for a fresh start? What do you need to cut out of your life so that you can begin again, get free, be light and limber?

Letting go of something, be it hair, a relationship or a job, does not have to be a negative. Sometimes you just need a change, something new, fun, exciting and different. Go get it!

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