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Some of us live for pop stars and reality TV. We are quick to use a hashtag in support of our favorites like Rihanna and Beyonce who are supported and admired for their fashion sense, their chart positions, their marriages, their new hairstyles or their new releases. There’s a #RihannaNavy and a #Beyhive and they are millions strong. When either one posts something new to their respective websites or Twitters, makes an awards show appearance or shows up on a blog, there are hundred of posts from fans that will go hard in support of their idols.

While Beyonce and Rihanna have the attention of the world, there is a young women from Houston,Texas, Beyonce’s hometown, who is also trending on social media these days. Her name is Jada. She is 16. On June 1st, she, like many other young women do, went to a house party with some friends. There was drinking going on. Jada accepted a drink, passed out from what is believed to be one that was doctored and woke up the next day realizing that she had been undressed. She says she was told that she had vomited on herself and a friend had cleaned her up.

But days after, Jada found out that one or more young men had performed various sex acts on her and posted photos and videos of her unconscious and half-dressed online. Although rape victims are generally not named, Jada, who has asked for her last name not to be used, has armed herself with the same tools her alleged rapists used to humiliate her – social media. There are #IStandwithjada and #IAmJada hashtags circulating online.

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11 thoughts on “I Stand With Jada…And Hope You Will, Too

  1. Mary Brown on said:

    I too stand with Jada. Not so much as because it is the right thing to do but mainly because it’s the only thing to do. We have lost our way, and we don’t know how to go back to a time that was somewhat better. How about removing computers or at least limiting their usage. or need for usage. Take away the gaming systems. Have a meal or two with our families, teach our children the honorable way of life. Start a revolution on really getting rid of drugs in our society, How about it? When we see problems, address them and show them a better way to accomplish a healither way of life.

    • seriously on said:

      The main problem is that, there were other people there and none have come forward…The girls are just as bad and perhaps worse than the girls…So what she was drinking underage (common), doesn’t give anyone the right to assault her…And where was the parents in this house…whose stupid enough to live teenagers unsupervised? There is a lack of empathy that is more scary than this incident…I stand by Jada because it is right and we should never condone this behavior. This is also a teachable moments to parents…I do not let my children goes to anyone house not unless I talked too and approved of the parents.

  2. Guest on said:

    It makes me laugh that black media will shove Beyonce and Rhianna down our throats (like no other black female singers are MORE talented) then turn around and use their names AGAIN to say “We need to support Jada as well as them!!” Duhhhhhhhhhh The MEDIA keeps B winning awards her horrible music doesn’t support????These stars have nothing to do with this girl underage drinking at a party which resulted in sex!!!!

  3. Guest on said:

    I remember when my daughter called me from college and told me some of the horrible stuff her teammates were doing (sleeping with FB team, getting drunk fighting in clubs etc.). I BEGGED her to remember how she was raised and not be drunk at parties etc. Well well well one of her teammates who is now the laughing stock of the country (for sending nude to daddy) was BOOTED from team!!! In the military my drunk roommate who treated me horribly wanted me to testify for her when she claimed rape during one of her drunk party nights….NOT! I’m sick and tired of these girls getting a pass and we go after the guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet now the Navy Academy BLACK FB players will stop chasing after white girls who are scared to tell daddy/mommy they like black men instead yell RAPE!

  4. Speshelest on said:

    I stand with Jada. Any person should be able to go to a party and not be drugged and raped. These boys are animals and cowards. I pray the justice systems finds them guilty and that the further get the justice they deserve once behind bars.

  5. Constance on said:

    True, this boy was wrong for what he done to Jada, but some of these young girls need to take responsibility for their own actions as well. Had she not been underage drinking, this would not have happened to her. But for the fact that she decided to take that first sip, that’s what started it all for her.

  6. Unfortunately in our society we have young men who ether don’t realize
    or care about ramifications of their sexual antics. But fortunately their stupid
    enough to record them for future prosecution, your sexual reputations will probably
    take a turn for the worse now that your Mommy’s and Daddy’s will have to shell out
    tens of thousands in legal defense . There are numerous news articles about these types of incidents and what can happen to those accused and or convicted.
    Young people today don’t seem as intelligent as those of the past
    And modern technology often gives them the ability to bring that to light

  7. stephanie on said:

    Good for you, don’t be shamed into become a victim, be courageous , be strong and fight until you get justice for your self. turn the table on those cowardly bastard, do whatever you can to bring attention to them if will get them lock up. Bunch of good for nothing dogs.

    • And after you do all that, don’t go out drinking until you’re of age and old enough to understand that when you are out anywhere where young animals are present, you can’t trust anyone to look out for you. Accepting a drink from anyone but a bartender whom you watched prepare the drink is club safety 101. These dumbass savages need to be locked up, raped and videoed by their cellmates and the videos put on social media. When we start punishing vermin with the same torture they meted out to their victims, a lot of this foolishness would stop.

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