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Dr. Mark Mitchell is the principal of Mitchell Environmental Health Associates, a consulting firm on environmental health and environmental justice issues. He chairs the National Medical Association’s Council on Medical Legislation and co-chairs the NMA’s Environmental Health Task Force, where he provides environmental health education to physicians and advocates on behalf of NMA.

A public health physician trained in environmental health and health policy, Dr. Mitchell has spent over twenty years working in the public health sector, including as Director of the Hartford, Connecticut Health Department. Dr. Mitchell wants African-Americans and those who live in urban communities to be aware of the impact of climate change on the health and welfare of their communities.

People who are already vulnerable due to unsafe or unclean condition in their neighborhood or are experiencing poor air quality are experiencing adverse health conditions due to changes in climate and weather. According to Mitchell and other African-American doctors and various studies, respiratory illnesses including asthma and other conditions are more prevalent or are worsened by climate change.

For more information on the link between African-American health and climate change,  click here. 

3 thoughts on “Get Well Wednesday: Dr. Mark Mitchell Says Climate Change Puts African-Americans At Risk

  1. We have always been the victims of extreme weather–from heat waves to Hurricane Katrina. The new EPA proposal to cut carbon pollution will reduce greenhouse gases and all types of pollution from power plants, which are more likely to be in our communities. We need to support this proposal.

  2. America hasn’t done anything about environmental racism. Minorities still live in the most hazardous environments. Now they want to introduce fear of ‘climate’, which is weather? smh Follow the money black people!

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