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Don’t let your grandmother hear this!

According to the Centers of Disease Control and the Food Safety Agency, washing your raw chicken is doing more harm than helping.

A single drop of juice from raw poultry can have enough Campylobacter in it to infect a person! The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NAMRS) reported that 47% of raw chicken samples bought in grocery stores tested POSITIVE for Campylobacter.

The theory, according to the CDC and the Food Safety Agency, is that approximately 50% of all raw poultry contains Campylobacter bacteria – when people wash it they inevitably spread the bacteria from the raw chicken to nearby surfaces when water droplets bounce off the raw poultry, thereby contaminating the surfaces (including counters, cutting boards, utensils, hands, arms, clothing, etc).

Are you buying it?

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9 thoughts on “SAY WHAT?! The CDC Says Stop Washing Your Chicken!

  1. Rudolph on said:

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  2. Yazzie B on said:

    This is crazy!. Most of us know where chicken is processed & cut up, but what about the machines that are used to do this? How clean are they? How often are they cleaned? I’ve seen chicken that I’ve bought with feathers still attached & I’ve taken them off, so I’ll continue to wash my chicken, & clean my surfaces as usual

  3. I view most studies with a grain of salt. In six months, or so another study will probably come out with another hypothesis. Like someone mentioned; most people have been washing their chicken for years with no negative results. I would highly suggest that the CDC SPEND MORE TIME INVESTIGATING ALL OF THE ADDED HORMONES, AND OTHERFOREIGN ELEMENTS THAT ARE BEING PUT INTO OUR FOODS THAT ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC!!! Now that’s a study that would well be worth the time.

  4. Charles P. on said:

    I stopped washing chicken a while ago after reading information on this. The idea is that the heat from cooking chicken until it’s done (165 deg. internal temp), whether baking, grilling, roasting, or frying, kills the bacteria anyway, so why expose kitchen surfaces that so easily harbor germs to more bacteria. Processed chicken has already been cleaned and prepped prior to packaging, so unless you’re wringing necks and plucking feathers yourself, washing is an unnecessary step that’s liable to make you sick more than the alternative

  5. Walter patton on said:

    Since chicken doesn’t come “prewashed,” what are we chicken-eaters supposed to do? Has the CDC examined chicken parts before we wash them? I’ll take my chances and keep washing.

    • Chris on said:

      I totally agree, I will continue to clean and wash my chicken and afterwards continue to wash utensil, surfaces, and counters with hot water and bleach.

    • Jacquelynn4 on said:

      HELLO — I do that anyway! I’m not taking any chances with unwashed chicken after knowing all that goes on in the processing plants. How many decades have I been washing chicken and then carefully washing hands, utensils and surfaces with no problem? Too many. What a wacky study. I’m not buying that for one minute.

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