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To my regret, I’ve never joined a sorority, but I must tell you there is a special sisterhood that I experienced this past weekend when I attended the Essence Festival.

There is something so heart-warming when you’re in an atmosphere that literally celebrates the essence of who you are as a black woman…

– your hair, your beauty, your taste in clothes and products and, of course, beliefs from an empowerment and spiritual perspective that elevate your life.

I saw some of everybody while there. The Prince concert was off the chain! Since I love sharing, log in to Facebook and check out this video for yourself.

Between all of the concerts, screenings and socializing, of course, I had to get some work done for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. I have a great job that keeps us up close and personal with some of today’s celebs. Don’t you know I ran into one of the flyest of them all on the McDonalds 365 Black Red Carpet?  My boss, Mr. Tom Joyner! Check out more celeb photos in the 2014 Essence Festival gallery.

I believe in working and playing hard. How about you? Sometimes when you’re multi-tasking, you need support that can help you get connected quickly and on-the-go. that’s when I pull out my Verizon jet pack. It keeps me connected in the airport, my hotel room and, on some occasions, in the car. (Don’t worry. Not while I’m driving). It’s really easy to use. Just sharing in case you’re like me and get tired of asking for the Wi-Fi code and cost when you’re out and about.

Speaking of moving from place to place, I’ve got to give a special shout out to Ford, who provided transportation while at Essence. They get what it means to be fly and live the fly life!

Feeling good about yourself is not a one-time, one day or even one weekend event. It’s all about making choices daily to love and enhance your life. That is how I came up with the FLY project, to First Love Yourself and, of course, like any woman who considers herself fly or a fly wanna-be, you’ve got to do it with style. That doesn’t always cost you an arm and a leg either, so I’m looking forward to sharing some fun and fab finds that I discover on this fly journey.

Finally, here are some of my fun looks and selfies with friends that I took. Thank you for going on this journey with me! As an empowerment, love and lifestyle coach, I’m not always serious and deep. Sometimes I just like to have fun. Can’t wait to share more!

Until the next time.  KEEP IT FLY!

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