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So, apparently Apollo Nida had one last thought to share with everyone before he headed down that lonely road to prison…and it was a very sad question that he was asking too!

According to Wendy Williams, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was not in the courtroom next to her husband’s side when he was sentenced Tuesday.

So, we wonder how much of this tweet was for all of us out in the public and how much may have been for his wife Phaedra….interesting and sad all at once.

Take a look at the tweet in question below!


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.52.45 PM

He had months to prepare for that day…but it never really seemed like he was ready for what was coming toward him. Maybe he thought it wouldn’t really happen and he’d find a way around the jail portion of things. Or maybe he was flashing back to that place he had already spent 5 years of life prior to being a husband, father and TV star and just couldn’t make himself believe that he was trading the comfy life for a tiny little jail cell once again. It was all his to lose..and it seems like he may have lost it all.

Guess we’d wonder if anyone was still in our corner too.

Farewell Apollo…we’ll see ya in eight years sir.

Quick, somebody call Kenya up and tell her to put some money on his books for real…we’re sure it will be appreciated!


Apollo Nida Sent Out Last Tweet Before Going To Prison was originally published on theurbandaily.com

28 thoughts on “Apollo Nida Sent Out Last Tweet Before Going To Prison

  1. Lovely on said:

    It’s hard to live up to expectations when you marry up. I’m guessing he realized he needed to carry himself but couldn’t on his wife’s scale so he turned to what he knew best to do so. He tried in his own way. He has two boys now who have a better way of life due to Phaedra. They will be just fine. He’s been in jail before so he’ll survive. Be strong and don’t listen to anyone but true family and friends.

  2. Tim Williams on said:

    I always wonder why some men who have been in prison before will do something to get themselves sent back. I can’t imagine anything in prison I would want, but I guess he felt it was worth the crime he committed. His ride or die is waiting for him in prison. I believe he has dropped the soap on more than one occasion in prison. Hope his wife finds some comfort and a good male role model for the kids, while he’s away

  3. beverlylmitchell on said:

    Wow!!!! How could you really do this to her and the kids dude !!! Wow !!!! Well my girl , be strong like all of single mother’s ? Yes it is hard at time’s but you can do it !!! Hang in there and keep it moving – i really can’t believe that he just could not change his way’s – really Appollo???You leet her down – really you did , then you have two boys that will be missing the best year’s of their life without you ! Wow!!!! the TRUTH is , SHAME!!!

  4. James on said:

    This ex-prison clown is a leopard who never changed his stripes. He probably was in prison scheming and concocting how he would get over on people including Phaedra when he gets out. He went to prison the first time as a crook and came out more crooked. Informed but never reformed! You know who’s going to ride with you? The same men who were riding you in prison the first time! It’s been known that some men get out and do crimes just to go back to that prison lifestyle they miss. Who suffers? The fatherless children they leave behind. I just pray that the curse be broken from him to his children and their children.

  5. Wouldn’t your last tweet be like please pray for me as I am away. Or I am sorry for those I disappointed? It shows you that some people don’t have much of a conscious. Just sad to be self serving and selfish. You would think he would have enjoyed his life and his sons and wife. People are never happy.

  6. Suzanne on said:

    Won’t be that good looking 8 years from now to get another rich wife… better learn a trade while you’re in there, loser!

  7. YOU’LL SEE Apollo! So sad to see that is still all about YOU! What a narcissist? A person with character would want to spare the pain of incarceration by not inviting anyone they truly loved to “ride a long? Don’t do jail dude, it’s your party, see ya”. Hope your family loves themselves enough to let you GO and do life in real time, not it some fantasized loyalty to YOU, who does not deserve it? Your tweet convinced me of that?

  8. I guess his wife is over this and trying to stay far away and maybe in shock of all that has come down. I would say the marriage is over and maybe she will look for a man that has no past .

  9. Apollo did five years and came out to a better life than he probably ever imagined…I hope you learn this time that you will eventually get caught and back to jail you go. Why on earth do you deserve any loyalty? You seriously need to work on yourself and don’t blame others for not backing you. I am still not to sure about Phaedra. It was disturbing to watch her on the reunion show with all of her facial expressions and comments. She could be a class act if she would pull herself together. Most of all I feel sorry for their little boy.

      • Bumping into a interesting read on social media, is not a commitment to actually caring fool? We are just speaking on current events per invitation to do so, so by commenting should not imply that we actually give a fuck?

      • mattmayhem on said:

        @landlordassistance actually taking the time to comment proves you give a fuck, or else you wouldn’t wast the time fool.

  10. hottlanta on said:

    I bet Kenya is somewhere ROTFLMAO and Fakedra oughta feel like a fool bragging on this clown and got the nerve to saymy huuuuuusssband. Really.

    • He’s a bum…always has been…always will be…sisters need to stop chasing after sorry brothers who look good.

      Low self-image on her part…an intelligent sister doesn’t require love from a jailbird bum…she needs someone who appreciates hard work and integrity. She lowered herself by dealing with this bum…and many sisters are out there doing the same thing.

      When they do this, they are helping to create the problem that there are no good Black men. When you coddle a Black man, you are creating weakness instead of strength. A sister is better off being by herself until a Real man comes along. A sister CANNOT create a man out of a boy…her lovin’ ain’t that good.

      That said, Black men need to step up and take charge over their lives and stop making excuses for why things are not where they should be.

      She should divorce this BUM and move on with her life.

  11. This fool not even important their trying to sue and impeach our President and for what? cause he won’t role over for Republicans?Apollo got his dessert for he didn’t appreciate the dinner! what the people need to do is get behind their president and ask the the house speaker be sued or impeached why not?(hm)

  12. That’s why he’s going to prison now. He’s to busy talk’n thug instead of being a father and role model for his kids. Sad, he doesn’t get it!

    • Thank You Nick, you hit the nail on the head, we should star a petition to let this arrogant fool know that there is nothing glamorous riding along with anyone on a jail sentence and if he was any kind of man, he would not send a open invitation to do so? He actually feels that a “guilt trip” just might be effective? AMAZING! Hope his family runs for the hills?

    • I doubt it Alexa looks like he’ riding this one alone if you don’t learn from your first mistake then you out in the cold by your damn self so much anyone else can do or say for you when you didn’t do or say and appreciate what you had from the start! SO this sleeping dog made his bed again in the home he once own and was accustom too!now back to the dungeon with you, infidel fool!(lol) I don’t feel one bit sorry for him just his kids look what he left them to admire about their dad!(hm)now this will follow them and you know mean kids will not let this ride one day when they understand what happen!

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