Could you imagine, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Palin all at the Hot Topics table on “The View?”

According to rumors and reports, this could very well be the new look when the show begins its new season in September.

TMZ is reporting that the left-leaning O’Donnell has just finished negotiations and will join Goldberg as the lone two confirmed co-hosts . She originally left the ABC program in 2007 after a huge on-air fight with right-leaning co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

TMZ says ABC will make the official announcement of Rosie’s return “shortly.”

Rosie’s hiring follows the departure of Barbara Walters from the program in May and the announcement that both Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are leaving.

Meanwhile, ET is reporting that Palin is in early discussions to be on the show, but she is just one of many being considered. Some on the production believe she might be too polarizing for the daytime talk show audience.

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4 thoughts on “Rosie O’Donnell Returning to ‘The View’; Sarah Palin Being Considered

  1. Michele Wheeler on said:

    I definitely wouldn’t watch if Sarah Palin joins the View! I think it’s ridiculous she is even being considered! I can’t see Whoopi being down with that! Rosie I really like her but I think even they would bump heads!

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    Polarizing is an understatement. Sarah Palin has proven to be as big a bigot and a racist as any white man we could mention. When they show film clips of bloody sunday and other historical civil rights events, most people concentrate on the men with billy sticks and clubs. What often gets overlooked is the very many white women, wives, girlfriends, etc who cheered these men on a sif it were some entertainment event. We often consider women as the milder sex. With Palin, there is no cuch thing. She, and others like her are just a sbad as the men we usually tout in this space. I couldnt imagine Whoopi goldberg sitting with her on a regular basis( although $$$ does strange things to people)
    If they somehow do elect her to be on the show ( and I dont see how) but if so they will have to change the name of the show from “the view” to Pee YUU!!

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