Roland Martin talks to from Lauren Burke to about President Obama’s’ controversial visit to Texas to meet with Gov. Rick Perry but without visiting the border.

Many are wondering why the President’s has requested $3.7B to help control the border but has yet to provide financial support to the city of Detroit.

“The city of Detroit and the water issue could be helped. It would require about $100M, so it’s interesting to see $3.7B being spent on the border,” Burke said.

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2 thoughts on “ROLAND MARTIN: POTUS Asks For Border Control Money, But None For Struggling Detroit

  1. @whoever be against immigrants, legal or not! It is important toremember if by 18th century it was the period of rules for our based ancestors,by now! Where most of us would be and aware of what category of status? Then,for history: I do believe that Jean Baptiste pointe Du Sable didn’t regret forbeing a refugee from Haiti, afterward became the basic founder of Chicago ill.As well, Mother Mary E. Lange, first Black Nun in Baltimore. Sidney Poitier.Albert Einstein from Hamburg, Germany in 1933, just six years later hepersonally wrote a letter to the U. S. president, Delano Roosvelt to provide anoperating system for the nation then faced the World War II. Formerly, JoeGaetjens had saved the US football in the Mondial Cup in nineteen fifty. Forexample, Colin Powell’s Parents from Jamaica, and of course, the unforgettableHaitian soldiers at Savannah, GA. Where their strategy and their blood made thedifference all through the 19th century, for the freedom of America over theBritish army, so on and on! According the olden times, the mean reason themelting pot became what it is in our glowing days because it had been built bythe human synthesis. Therefore folks! Do not play the game of politicians. Subsequently,they are only ones who know the real cause that issue has been brought then; andmost of ‘them’ belong to the migrant roots.

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