The team behind Halle Berry’s upcoming TV show “Extant” is really reaching for the stars in terms of production.

Think of “Extant” less like a TV series and more like an extended sci-fi movie playing out in hour-long segments. “We set the bar high for ourselves,” said executive producer Mickey Fisher. “A lot of the stuff we’re trying to pull off are typically the things that people do in feature films.”

Executive producer Greg Walker added, “It’s no mistake that Steven Spielberg’s name is on it.”

The show centers around a married astronaut named Molly Woods (played by Halle), who is returning home after spending a year in space by almost entirely herself. A year of solitude could mess with anyone’s mind, but having an other-worldly experience only complicates matters.

As it turns out Molly will be grappling with a shocking souvenir from space and trying to readjust to life on Earth. “The first episode is about reconnecting and then finding out that she didn’t come home alone,” said Halle, whose character is actually infertile. “She had an encounter–this entity that has been able to present itself.”

Problems conceiving haven’t kept Molly from being a mom. Her hubby invents a robotic child that almost seems human–kind of like a futuristic version of Pinnochio! Molly’s son isn’t the only high-tech touch to the show, which also features smart mirrors (can they take selfies?) and flat-bottomed eggs to name a few things.

Halle bragged, “Those little elements are fun and add a richness to our story.” Watch out for “Extant” when it debuts July 9 at 9 p.m. on CBS!

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