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“Who did it and why?” is a question that often comes up in the therapy room.

When someone has been emotionally hurt by another, it can be difficult for the hurt party to move forward from a place of pain, anger and resentment.  A common reason for this difficulty is the lack of acceptance of the offending party’s remorse.  An apology may have been given, but it was not fully accepted.

Here are three ways to help ensure your apologies get accepted so you can start bridging the gap in your relationships.

1. Listen.

The first step to getting your apology accepted is to listen to what has gotten your partner so upset.  Give you partner as much time as they need to express themselves; do not interrupt their story and reflect back what they have shared with you when they have finished speaking.  The goal here is to understand your partner and for your partner to feel understood.

2. Say “I’m Sorry”.

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