You can’t be President of the United States and not expect to face some very heated criticism

But the question is, is President Obama taking heat for more than his politics?

Is some of the criticism really about — race? And does it cross the line?

One man, a writer for a New York City paper, tried to make a point about the opposition to the president being based on racism and it backfired.

It backfired because his headline read n-word in the white house, except the paper printed the entire word.

James Lincoln Collier wrote the article for the WestView news.

Again, the article is pro-Obama, but he has gotten a ton of backlash just because of the headline.

If you’ve watched me on CNN or listened to me on the TJMS you know how I feel about this word.

Although I think it’s toxic and it is used gratuitously far too often by far too many people, of all ethnic backgrounds, i do think it should be used if it is pertinent to a news story or the conversation.

Seeing the headline in print didn’t bother me at all.

What bothered me is there was no reference to the headline anywhere in the article explaining why he chose to use the entire word, thus making it look like the word was used just to garner attention.

Also, over the long holiday weekend, there was the Fourth of July float in Nebraska that is drawing controversy.

Some people are saying the float is racist.

Others say its political satire.

The float holds an outhouse with a sign on it reading, ‘Obama Presidential Library.’

There is a figure on the front in overalls that most assume is President Obama.

The float’s creator, Dale Remmick says the figure on the float is actually him and not the President.

Let’s just say his intentions weren’t racist and he didn’t realize the impact until later.

Wouldn’t the best thing to do is take the high road instead of doubling down?

Admit you didn’t realize it and apologize that you have offended a whole lot of people.

Because isn’t being unintentionally racist still racist?

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5 thoughts on ““The N-Word In The White House” – Don Lemon Takes On The Man Who Wrote It

  1. Great your site. When i view your article and view your site have good.
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    Article have good on cyber world.
    Thank for sharing article.
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  2. willlie on said:

    NO WIN: I admire my people fighting the use of the N word, however, the fight is a No Win for numerous reasons.

  3. Timekeeper on said:

    While I despise it’s casual use, this article and the word had a very definitive message. And that is a significant portion of White America has gone totally Mad due to this president being in the White House. A while back a preacher used a word that people went berserk over and in doing so, completely forgot about the message intended. The fact that the newspaper made the mistake of printing the word out fully isn’t the writers fault. But the fact that they did it, doesn’t change the point.
    A Black president has bought out the best and the absolute worst in this country. The GOP even refuses to sign a bill to help fix our roads and bridges, which are the oldest and most deteriorated they have ever been. Think about the jobs people could have for years doing what is sorely needed. The GOP ( and people who support them) would rather see this country go down the tubes rather than see Obama look good doing anything, to help this country. Now, that is some real hate. And that IS the whole point of this editorial. Because that is exactly what the Tea Party, the GOP, and certain members of the public say about him behind closed doors ( and in so many different ways out loud and in public) What really gets me are some black members of the GOP who support this nonsense. Don’t get it twisted either. You have a right to and I don’t care what your political affiliation is. But when these Neo Nazis, skinheads, Ted Nugent thinkers of the world,, Tea party and GOP whackos whose mantra is “we want to take our country back” If you think they mean to include you in that thought process you are beyond delusional. I get this man’s message and I get it completely.
    President Obama has been a fine president. He has made his share of errors but he has done a terrific job carrying along a bag of heavy groceries without a double bag which is what he has had to do since day 1. Had he not dealt with total and racist obstruction every day of the week, and yes the relentless N word mentality of the GOP and all of its cohorts, I can only imagine the possibilities he could have accomplished. There is a whole lot more stuff to get legitimately mad about that his (properly editorialized) use of the word.
    Be madder still at all of the hate, malice, bigotry, and lack of awareness that makes his message necessary.

      • Pat P on said:

        Thank you, I totally agree with you. Our president has tried to fix this countries problems since the day he was first elected. Don’t blame him blame, blame those who proceeded him. Our President is amazing!!!!!

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