Katt Williams hasn’t been silenced by his many run-ins with the law. Not at all. In an interview with Bishop Don Juan this week, he didn’t shy away from controversial topics.

Williams said that not only did he tell Kevin Hart’s people how to make him Kevin Hart, that he’s the guy who came up with BET’s Hip-Hop Awards – but didn’t want any money or credit for it because he’s one of the few entertainers not “owned” by anyone.

OK then! Well, fortunately for his fans, Katt’s still doing standup.

His latest comedy special Priceless, directed by Spike Lee, airs on HBO August 16th.

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4 thoughts on “Katt Williams: ‘I Helped Make Kevin Hart’ [VIDEO]

  1. Tyrone on said:

    KEVIN HART NOT FUNNY!!! KH don’t have the “IT” factor like Paul Mooney & Katt Williams, Many of the Comedians on “Last Comic Standing” have the required “IT” factor to be funny.

  2. Miss Hawkins on said:

    Why can’t people just give credit where credit is due? How are either of them responsible for Kevin Heart’s career? They just mad because their time is winding down.

  3. I honestyly have to say, I’d not heard that Epps was taking credit for Kevin’s success. However, I must say that Epps needs to find a new line of work, because ‘funny’ he is not. He needs to sit down with Kevin Hart and learn some of the skills he credits himself for promoting.

  4. Paris on said:

    Wow! It’s amazing how everyone wants to take credit for Kevin’s success. It seems like some black comedians are a little envious of Kevin’s success in the business and didn’t expect for him to surpass them in the business. First there was Epps now Williams. Who’s going to be the next comedian who will be taking credit for Kevin’s success? Crabs in a barrel mentality.

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