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Sherri Shepherd does not want custody of her unborn child and wants to sever all parental rights and responsibilities, including child support.

She and estranged husband Lamar Sally went the surrogate route to become parents, but Shepherd did not provide an egg, according to reports.

TMZ reports that Shepherd believes that Sally used the unborn child to generate child support payments and that as the marriage is over, Shepherd shouldn’t have to be responsible for a child that is not hers biologically.

Sally has filed for divorce in California, which recognizes surrogacy agreements, but Shepherd’s filing in New Jersey could complicate things as New Jersey law doesn’t always recognize surrogacy.

According to Sally, the baby is due July 28th.

Shepherd already has a son with her first husband, Jeff Tarpley.

Tarpley is suing for a reconsideration of their custody agreement, alleging that Shepherd is an unfit mother.

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