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Sherri Shepherd does not want custody of her unborn child and wants to sever all parental rights and responsibilities, including child support.

She and estranged husband Lamar Sally went the surrogate route to become parents, but Shepherd did not provide an egg, according to reports.

TMZ reports that Shepherd believes that Sally used the unborn child to generate child support payments and that as the marriage is over, Shepherd shouldn’t have to be responsible for a child that is not hers biologically.

Sally has filed for divorce in California, which recognizes surrogacy agreements, but Shepherd’s filing in New Jersey could complicate things as New Jersey law doesn’t always recognize surrogacy.

According to Sally, the baby is due July 28th.

Shepherd already has a son with her first husband, Jeff Tarpley.

Tarpley is suing for a reconsideration of their custody agreement, alleging that Shepherd is an unfit mother.

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136 thoughts on “REPORT: Sherri Shepherd Wants To Sever Parental Rights To Unborn Child

  1. clgpdx on said:

    The one I feel sorry for is this gift of God, because one of these days, he/she is going to read about all of this and that would be tragic. I can’t even imagine what that would do to a human being. Blessings to this child.

  2. To'Kisha on said:

    I don’t understand why he would have the surrogate go ahead without the use of Sherri’s eggs so technically that is not her child. She shouldn’t have to be responsible for it he should be. He was out to get what he could from her. That was his sole purpose in filing where he did for the divorce. On many occasions Sherri has addressed other people and their situations as if they( her family) were better but this just shows that they go through the same things everybody else does. Prayers that both children end up in safe loving homes.

  3. Wow, what a way to perpetuate the black stereotype of not wanting to have anything to do with your kid. If a man did this you would be the first call him out. Hypocrite cunt.

  4. Barbara Eason on said:

    July 8, 2014 @ 8:15am
    Good moring again Sherri – this is my third time trying to send this comment.
    I have read all of the negative comments toward you. Each of those that made those comments will be judged by God Himself. Read Matthew 7:1-5 — read verse 3, then go to 5. Each of those judging you have something in their lives that are also negative. They are judging you, but God IS GOING TO JUDGE each of them. Each person that made a negative comment towards you, owe you an apology. The Bible says — judge not less you be judge. Their judgement day is coming, and it’
    s coming from the Lord.

    Be bless Sherri – remember, God is in control of this entire situation.
    Barbara Eason

  5. Sharon Jones on said:

    Yes, Ms. Sherrie own it. You shoved this man down our throats (via the View). Now, deal with it, like we did. There’s no poor Sherrie or poor Sal. You should have learned, from Star Jones and her gullible behavior. Women, always think that they can find themselves inside of his penis. Nope, you are a part of his rib “only”. She helped to make that bed. Now, she wants to hide her hands. Pay attention women.

  6. These two should not have any part in this child life. She obviously does not want any part of it now. This guy obviously penniless and jobless. Personally, he does not deserve this child.

    • Dottie Hines on said:

      She is a christian as long as it doesn’t involve money. We listen to her saying I want another baby, Sal is this and that. she is going to make this marriage work even if it kills her, so she said. She signed on for this, when you make grown-up decisions you deal with it. This a child!!!

  7. I feel that the surrogates expenses should be paid and neither Sal or Sherrie should have the baby. There are plenty of loving couples that would love to have a baby to adopt. Adoption would probably be better. Sal needs to go get a job and take care of himself. Sherrie should not have to support him or his life style. Dorothy

  8. glen on said:

    This man entered into this marriage with one thing in mind….MONEY. He arranged this whole baby thing so that he could receive child support. If she is not the biological mother, why should she pay. He is the FATHER; he should get a job and support his child like a real father does.

  9. All I can say is Wow…that’s a lotta money. It hurts if you marry for love then break up doesn’t matter how much alimony you get…Well then again alimony does matter because each person should be able to continue living the same lifestyle…the amount depends whether one or the other was a cheater. Cheater gets nothing…mutual breakup $ should be allocated according to expenses. Sherri’s ex should get nada! He was a rebound man anyway.

  10. Tolduso on said:


    Not the ex-husband
    Not Sherri

    THE KID, The two of you better get your act together and think of that child and stop crying.

  11. Tolduso on said:

    Now is the time Sherri for you and all your money to step up and help this child. With him or not, you started this mess with him and that child needs a stable loving home.

    I saw her one day before all this, and I was happy she seemed happy, I said to myself I’m happy she found someone, then boom this mess.

    Who is thinking of the baby? The husband also. This kid is not money, it is a child, lets start acting like two mature adults and buck up for the kid.

  12. Tolduso on said:

    Man Sherri has to be more responsible. I know her past with kids other then her son has not been the best. I feel so sorry for this poor child not even here yet and going through all this. I hope when that child arrives it will be loved and not used as a tennis ball. I’m really sadden to think this is even going on. We as adults have to be more responsible in our lives and what we do. Sherri is leaving The View because I think they know and she that she is going to be in for a fight. So tragic!

    • KansasGuest on said:

      If the surrogate had a good lawyer, there should have been a clause in the contract dealing with this very issue – basically abandonment of either parties’ responsibility in the pregnancy. Custody after birth is one thing. But, both Sally & Shepherd have continuing daily responsibilities to this surrogate, like paying for any & all expenses related to the pregnancy.

  13. Just sayin... on said:

    Shame on Sherri! She is not fit to be a mother. Regardless of rather this is her biological child, she went into the agreement prepared to be a loving and supportive mother. So the marriage folded in a bad way, she and Sally are responsible to an innocent child. I am not giving Sally a free ticket here either, he needs to man up. What a mess. I feel for the surrogate.

  14. KansasGuest on said:

    If it were any other couple, and a man was doing what Ms. Shepherd is (absolving himself of any responsibility in the care of a child he legally contracted to create), you can bet she’d have plenty of choice words for him in her on-air commentary. Still, this is often the way it goes when non-biological parents split with bio ones, even if they have a relationship with the child. Halle Berry talked about being so close w/Eric Benet’s daughter. Then, when she divorced him, she had no more contact with the little girl even though Berry was the only mother she’d ever known. Legally, no relationship can be forced between a child and a non-biological parent/custodian, which is what Shepherd is. I hope the baby will eventually have two parents who consciously decide to love and nurture it regardless of its DNA.

  15. carl on said:

    sherri Shepherd when she’s on the view. She struts out on stage thinking she’s hot. To people like me. Sick of her. Glad she’s gone. Whoopi is left. Sherri should be ashamed of herself. But she’s not. To her…I’m a celebrity.

  16. atl_native on said:

    I think this is all Sal. For him to file what seems like the same day we found out they were pregnant sounds like a plan of Mr. Sheppard (Ohh that must hurt – should I have said Mr. ‘I don’t want to live by my prenup anymore – so let me get an anchor baby’ ) I wouldn’t like the thought of some other woman raising my child and I’m footing the bill – which is what will happen. For a change and since the child isn’t here yet – let the lawyers do what they do – we as a nation need clarification on such things. And to Mr. Sheppard – at least you won’t have to change your name

  17. Wow! Shame on her. She chose to concieve this baby. She us responsible. End of story. I am very dissappointed in her. I will no longer be watching anything she works on.

  18. She was on board for this baby, then the relationship goes south. Now she’s crying it’s not my baby. Poor little baby, maybe in all this the baby will get good parents that actually will love him/her.

  19. Xxxxx on said:

    No wonder she was fired from the View. She is a complete idiot.
    If you can’t deal with having a child don’t have one. F___ B____

    • Tolduso on said:

      That kid had a mother also to take care of it, but now that the almighty dollar is involved, now she wants out.

      Shameful, don’t put this all on him, she is 1/2 in this, to easy to discard.

  20. so many people would adopt that baby- take it away from them if they don’t want it. The laws are too hard to adopt. So many in need children- takes so very long- rules don’t make sense- yet people can go into a surrogacy and back out like this- its a sad world.

    • Tolduso on said:

      Sherri has to be more responsible, she has had I believe she said on National TV that she has had more then one abortion. To me that is plain stupid. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, well you know. Sherri is to easy to make them and discard them. This time she better buck up and make sure with or without her that this kid is care for. That is not the way a real woman will handle her business. I also thought she learned her lesson, I guess she didn’t.

  21. Pelu on said:

    Another anecdote as to how easy it is for a woman to make a decision like this when the money is coming out of her pocket, but cannot fathom the noncustodial male parent attempting same.

  22. pac4me on said:

    This is just so sad. Whether Sal married for financial gain or not, this poor innocent child is going to come into the world with year old baggage and if Sherri really truly wanted another child, why didn’t she donate her own egg – she tells everything else and who’s egg is it anyway? Did she know back then that Sal was not on the up & up? and if this is a strategy move on her part – shame on her, because she agreed to support and nurture this baby and now because it’s no longer in her program, she can just sever ties – whew! Lord, help us all

  23. Jonathan on said:

    Typical black woman, not wanting to be responsible for the life she brings in the world. Let me guess, the child will grow up without a positive father figure in the house, then act like a thug, not get an education and end up in prison or a body outlined in chalk.

    • Rhonda on said:

      This is NOT AT ALL the behavior of a Black woman. Racism is such an ugly emotion, It causes you such stupid things. Seek help Jonathan.

    • Amazing what people write hiding behind a computer screen. Maybe you should stop believing everything you see on the TV. I am pretty sure based on your own comments your lacking in the Education department..

    • Babyboomer on said:

      Are you insane?? Black women take more responsibility for their children then our white counter parts. What’s happening in this case has nothing to do with race. This is about money pure and simple. How dare you use this article to take a swipe at a whole race and gender. Please crawl back into the hole you came out of…

      • Jonathan on said:

        Somehow the male will end up in prison and her fat but will be poppin out another child that she won’t want to take care of.

  24. Eternallegs on said:

    Wow, this poor child! If Sherri abandons this kid and this man with no job has to raise it by himself, what kind of life is this poor innocent life bound for? She wanted it, now she should be stuck with it. Perhaps adoption is an option, otherwise, it’s a LIFE not a toy…you can’t and shouldn’t just give it back when it’s inconvenient.

    • Redcan on said:

      “She should be stuck with it.” Wow. Your words betray not only your own attitude about child-rearing but, unfortunately, how our society in general views it. It is nothing more than pure selfishness that causes people to live out this sick narcissism of booting their kids to the curb when they are no longer convenient to have.

  25. STAR on said:

    I doubt Sherri will leave the baby in Sal’s care. Sal is a professional gold digger. He targeted Sherri for a financial shake down. Sherri giving up her parental rights is a legal strategy. I’m sure she wants sole custody of the baby. Sal is getting a rude awakening, he has to make his lies come true, he has to be a father to his baby. Let’s keep it real, Sherri married two major losers. In 30 days Sal will become a single father to the baby boy he never wanted. Gob bless the innocent baby stuck in the middle of all this drama.

    • STAR I totally agree with your assessment of him being a gold digger. Plus to me he never came across as being head over hills in love with her. It always came across as a convenience

  26. jenna on said:

    She doesn’t like children. She said she’s had “more abortions than I can count”. The baby is better off with it’s daddy.

  27. Babyboomer on said:

    I have to say that it looks like Sally had bad intentions from the start. Sherri was way to desperate and people (like Whoopi and Joy) tried to advise her but she went on with this mess of a marriage anyway. (Remember neither of them attended the wedding…) As for the baby, since she agreed to the surrogacy, she might be on the hook. However, a judge can order LIMITED and TEMPORARY support that covers the birth and hospital expenses plus support for a couple of years which allows the parents to get up on their feet. If the biological parents plan to keep and raise the child together, I don’t think Shepard should pay for the child for life. Sally and the mother need to get jobs and take care of THEIR child. I do hope Shepard has learned a lesson from this. Just love and appreciate the child you have and let it be…

    • Tolduso on said:

      Sherri is an adult, she has been down this road before with kids, she has to start being a responsible person. She is also the one who made her bed. I feel no pity for either one. He is probably trying to get money, and she should be a bit more adult in making any kids, hers or not with her past history and she announces it on TV, me I wouldn’t. This is not the first boat she rowed. Sherri needs to get more responsible.

  28. Jamie on said:

    She’s crap in my book. Of course she should pay child support! She made this arrangement and shouldn’t be able to change her mind now. She doesn’t have to see it/visit with it, but she should have to help support it. And don’t give me that bull about “biological”. She’s a Dead Beat Mom!!!!

    • Eternallegs on said:

      You said it Jamie! It’s just disgusting that she would just do away with this innocent life like that!

  29. Dawn on said:

    Its so nice to sit and laugh and read all these people Judging, because they are all saints and they know what she is going thru… And people thinking they know how many pregnancy terminations she had, you all crack me up!! Go take a look in the mirror, judge that person! You all she should be ashamed? You should be ashamed! Mind your own business.

    • Ricco on said:

      I won’t claim what Ms. Shephers is going through, but I will say this of the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks Christian fanatic, after eight years of her self-righteous pronouncements on the choices of other people, always using her religion as a buttress for her argument . . . because of course “if the Bible says so . . . ” it is more than a little hypocrite that she would choose to leave an innocent to her ex, someone whom she believes orchestrated the pregnancy to get child support . . . because it was not her egg?! She can carry a baby in her body, and divorce her feelings so easily from that child? Why is it that so many people who call themselves Christians behave as if they are not only lacking a moral center, but the focus, i.e. Jesus, of a moral center? In most courts men are made responsible to continue supporting a child that they later learn was not theirs, but another mans, a product of being a cuckhold.

      Ms. Shepherd agreed of her own free will to carry this child. I hope she will be made to support him/her, and will not be permitted to be a dead-beat mom.

    • @Dawn: Sherri is the one that announced on national TV something to the effect that she’s had many many many abortions. No one asked her to air her dirty laundry. This isn’t rumor, or gossip. Coincidentally several (or more) years ago I happened to be home, and actually saw her proclaim this. Bottom line…..Sherri talks too D much!!

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