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Bobbi Kristina can admit when she’s wrong, and that’s almost what she did when she apologized for her recent remarks about Angela Bassett.

Last weekend, we reported that Angela explained why she’d never thought to cast Bobbi in the lead for Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic. The diva’s daughter obviously took issue with Angela’s assessment that she wasn’t a serious actress, so Bobbi took to Twitter to accuse her of being a transgender woman. Because that was clearly the logical reaction.

She didn’t directly say she’s sorry to Angela, but she did express regret for her words.

That was more than some of her followers would have offered up. Bobbi’s fans didn’t think she was out of line for what she said to Angela, instead they blamed the veteran actress for speaking poorly of her acting ability. It didn’t take much to convince Bobbi that she was justified in her reply to Angela’s statements. Whitney’s daughter even congratulated herself for deigning to admit fault with her kinda-sorta apology!


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8 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Kind Of Apologizes For Angela Bassett Insults

  1. Lafonda Nelson on said:

    She did not apologize; she attempted to justify her bad behavior. When you apologize sincerely, you mention the person by name. She is dishonoring her mother’s name with her behavior. Firstof all, she needs to go to college and get an education. She doesn’t seem to have inherited any talent from either parent. Any supympathy she had because if her mom’s death is gone. And she needs to realize she isn’t the first child to lose a parent ar a young age. My mom died when I was 10 years old. Grow up little girl and bring honor to your mother’s name.

  2. straightnochaser on said:

    Exactly what is it we’re supposed to ‘understand?’ That you’re a self-important, ignorant child who feels entitled to play a major role, in spite of the fact that you have absolutely ZERO acting experience? We understand that losing your mother was a traumatic event in your young life, but perhaps you too need to understand that we don’t always get our way, and that acting and making movies is a BUSINESS. Money is being spent, therefore, and no disrespect to you, you simply are not an experienced actor. It doesn’t matter that Whitney was your mother. If your rant is any indication of how you respond when you don’t get your way, experienced or not, as well as being Black, don’t expect too many calls from casting directors.

  3. clariol on said:

    Bobbi is a spoil brat, that’s full of anger and hurt, because she lost her mom.. I know your mother taught to respect and if she didn’t , you can learn the hard way, take you foot out of your foot and your head out your ASS…Your mother was the WORLD to us and we were right there thru it all. But you can’t even apologize decent and in order..If you ever get in show business Bobbi, I would never support you as a fan. Your DAD has a better heart then YOU>>>>

  4. Girl, you made my day. The fact that you apologized show’s maturity and that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. We ALL get upset and say the wrong things sometimes. You are trying, that’s good enough for me. Be safe over the holiday weekend, and call your Grandmother. She needs you. (Smile)

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