A Houston woman was the subject of humiliation after she was forced to clean the bathroom floor of her job at Whataburger…with a toothbrush.

Whitney Clark says her manager told her to perform the act after making fun of her for being overweight.

KHOU reports:

“She said we’ve got to get on our hands and knees and clean the floor with a toothbrush,” said Clark.

Clark’s mother shot cell phone video of her daughter working on the floors through the window. She expressed disbelief over what her daughter had been ordered to do.

Clark said she was on her hands and knees for four long hours, cleaning the dining room floor, and the floors in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

“And the worst part was I didn’t even think to put gloves on and they didn’t even have the gloves out,” said Clark.

Clark said she injured her knees. She filed a workman’s comp claim and has also lodged a complaint the EEOC.

A Whataburger spokesperson said Clark was not given a toothbrush to clean the floors but rather a tile and grout hand brush. Caitlin Cooch with Whataburger released the following statement:

“One of our Core Values at Whataburger is to treat others with respect. We also pride ourselves in providing a safe and clean working environment. Therefore we ask all of our employees at all levels to participate in keeping our restaurants clean for our customers. Cleaning with proper cleaning equipment is standard operating procedure for all our restaurants.”

Clark walks with a slight limp now. She expects her physical pain to vanish long before she can recover from the emotional pain caused by her restaurant task.

“It makes me feel so disgusted,” said Clark.

Do you think Whataburger should have compensated Whitney or was the statement enough?

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(Photo Source: KHOU.com)

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12 thoughts on “Whataburger Employee Forced To Clean Bathrooms With Toothbrush

  1. This sounds ridiculous. If it true, there are a million fast foods jobs and they would have been looking for another employee. She did not have to be on her knees to clean a floor. Sounds like a get rich quick scheme.

  2. The real one on said:

    First of all it wasn’t the restroom. How could her mom see her in the restroom from recording in the window. Secondly it was bs I know this family and they’re always doin some get rich quick shit that fails. She been walking with a limp all her damn life…

  3. americanize. on said:

    I know public restrooms have to be clean,but if this story is true just as stated I would have walked off this minimum wage job.

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    Fat-ass liar! And your mammy just happened to be walking by…? Is it plausible that Whataburger has toothbrushes on-hand at the store or is it plausible that they have a tile & grout brush??

  5. Skeptic on said:

    Her mom just happened to be there to record it on her phone? And instead of telling her daughter to have some dignity and walk away she pulls out her cell phone for evidence? Hmmm, something reaks here

  6. Linda on said:

    This woman must have needed that minimum wage job really bad to tolerate treatment like that.

    I would have told that manager what he or she could do with that toothbrush/scrubrush!!!
    Some white folks have that SLAVE MENTALITY and this is a perfect example !!!!!!

  7. lecia on said:

    Well I can tell you now if my boss ask me to clean the floors with a tooth brush and they meant it I would have walked right off the job. She couldn’t be making that much anyway.

  8. I said it. on said:

    Why wouldn’t she wear gloves? Oh, I know…so she could add to the suit the will try to pursue. If you work a job and are asked to do something you feel is not only personally demeaning, but against company policy? I’m not buying it.

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