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07/02/14 –

Dear Tom,

My Aunt Christine is a unique virtuous woman, always finding time to help others in need.   She is a faithful Christian and loves to praise the lord.   Aunt Christine was a mother, wife, and seamstress; as well as very active in her community prior to her battle with diabetes.   Her struggle with diabetes has caused her to lose her legs, which you can imagine is a life-long drastic change.

Aunt Christine can no longer fully care for herself and relies on others for assistance with her personal care.   In spite of it all, she still is full of laughter and remains in good spirit.   Although she uses a wheelchair to get around; she still tries to visit the sick and shut in, attend religious functions and lends a hand educating others suffering with diabetes.

Aunt Christine is currently on insulin and is in dire need of a refrigerator to keep her medication cool to prevent it from spoiling.  It also is impossible for her to have fresh food in her house daily for healthier eating without refrigeration.  I would be so honored if you could fulfill my Christmas wish to grant my aunt an operable refrigerator, so she can keep down the high cost of replacing her medication and food.