Popular actor Larenz Tate stars as Bird and Trane, identical twins on separate sides of the law in the new BET movie “Gun Hill.” Trane is an undercover agent with a secret task force. Bird is a recently freed convict who plays by a different set of rules. However, when Trane is murdered, Bird assumes his brother’s identity seeking his brother’s murderer and a second chance at life. Grappling with morality, fatherhood and love, “Gun Hill” asks this question: Can someone who is unredeemable become redeemed?

Find out when “Gun Hill” airs on BET July 2nd at 9pm.

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One thought on “Larenz Tate Is A Set Of Twins On Opposite Sides Of The Law In “Gun Hill” [TRAILER]

  1. clariol on said:

    OMG “GUN HILL” with Larenz Tate was very good, he’s BACK and fans want to see him do more..it reminded me of how great his acting is, it took me back. And I just smile to myself.

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