Erykah Badu had a rather embarrassing moment on live TV last week while trying to share some love!

The “Window Seat” siren decided it would be fun to try trolling WPIX 11 personality Mario Diaz during a live shoot in New York on Friday. The correspondent was wrapping up his report when Erykah spied him talking to the camera and grabbed a little screen time.

After posing behind Mario and very conspicuously walking away, she popped back into the shot to put her arm around him and give him a quick smooch. He immediately ran interference by shoving her away all without breaking eye contact with the camera.

Mario had assumed that his would-be co-star was some random fan; his anchor didn’t help him recognize that he’d been video bombed by a star. Erykah later apologized for the unwelcomed affection, but Mario was a good sport about it once he realized he’d refused a kiss from a famous person.

Apparently, Mario’s wife was fine once she realized that it was Erykah trying to show him some love. He promised, “Next time I won’t do the NYC push back.” That pass must have been good enough for Erykah because she kept flirting with him again this morning. Of course, he played along!


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