“Today” co-anchor Tamron Hall showed up to work without a stitch of perm in her hair…or as the journalist put it, “no flat iron, no heat, no chemicals.”

For the first time ever, she wore her natural hair on air, and her co-anchors made a point to show their approval.


“It looks great,” said Al Roker.

“Every two seconds there’s a whole thing about your hair, what you’re wearing. You rock,” said Carson Daly, referencing the chatter in their social media #OrangeRoom.

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16 thoughts on “Tamron Hall Debuts her Natural Hair, ‘Today’ Co-Anchors React [SEE PHOTO INSIDE]

  1. betty on said:

    Show me someone who isn’t RICH, going from perm to natural! They always pick the people who got money! This world is about them not us!

  2. Theresa on said:

    Her hair is such a big issue because society says so. Many employers expect their employees to conform, which means many places do not feel comfortable with African American woman wearing their hair in its natural state. “Git it girl”. Set the example for those who desire to but are still skeptical. I’m still in the protected mode for a year, but on my way.

  3. IanRousseault on said:

    I need someone to explain to me, WHY is this newsworthy??????? It’s hair people! Who gives a damn and who cares???? With all of the real, true, serious issues in the world today, who in their right mind, gives a damn about someone’s hair and the fact that they decided to go natural!!!!!! This society is soooooooo very sad and petty!!!!! People IT”S HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! GET A F______ LIFE!!!!!!! For God’s sake!

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