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One of the milestone decisions of every parent is where they should live to raise their children. For Black families, this decision is paramount to ensure even the most basic of needs, like survival. No place is 100% safe or full of unrestricted opportunities, but according to a recent study, the Midwest may the worst place for Black families when it comes to racial disparities for children.

“Research has shown that growing up in chronic poverty contributes directly to stress at a level that can affect children’s health, brain development and social and emotional well-being — a response known as ‘toxic stress,” notes the KIDS COUNT policy report  “Race for Results: Building a Path to Opportunity for All Children”.

The study, conducted by family advocacy organization the Annie E. Casey Foundation,  evaluated states on 12 indicators that measured a child’s success in each stage of life, from birth to adulthood, including family income and education.

“The indicators were chosen based on the goal that all children should grow up in economically successful families, live in supportive communities and meet developmental, health and educational milestones,” per the report.

The report makes policy recommendations to help ensure families, especially their children, can reach their full potential no matter where they live.

View the slideshow to see which states made the top 10 list.


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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst States To Raise Black Children

  1. seriously on said:

    Those places are hell holes for African-American and if they cannot see it than that’s on them, because I wouldn’t waste my education uplifting and pay taxes in those hell holes….Need another great migration.

  2. Linda on said:

    There is no state in the union in Amerykah that is a positive place to raise our children when you have them being denied a decent education, access to healthy lunches, urban genocide, and bounties on the heads of our male children!!!!

    • seriously on said:

      respectful and honorable? Like what…white people…I guess the mass shooting, child molesting, Ponzi schemes, serial rapists etc…on your side of thing is respectful and honorable and since majority of crime is committed against same race…you are so concern about the death rates of black on black crimes as oppose to white of white crime….Which btw are the majority of welfare and the majority of single moms not get support neither…simply because their is more of you…Good will come to African-American when atleast you people pay for what you have done and suffer for as long as the centuries and counting that will have…You people started this and as much as you continue it…you cannot write the ending…So remind of more or why racism is not behind us and never will be.

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