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Anyone waiting for a follow-up to Mimi Faust’s infamous sex tape can stop hoping.

We don’t know if it was the public backlash or not, but according to the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star, a sequel to “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” is not on her bucket list.

Mimi pretty much squashed thoughts of another tape on this week’s episode of the show.

So much so that all video equipment was banned from the bedroom after Nikko told Mimi that their home video of the episode was stolen. To further get her point across, the reality TV fixture made it known this week on Instagram her thoughts on doing another sex tape.

“There will be no sequels!!!” Mimi posted.

Still need convincing? Mimi had no problems stating the obvious when asked if the leak of her sex tape caused her and Nikko to put a stop on recording their quality time in the bedroom.

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,” Mimi told Sister 2 Sister.

Although there isn’t any new footage for viewing, Mimi did acknowledge the possibility of Nikko pulling something from their old video.

“There was probably more content on that tape, but there was one tape,” shared with Sister 2 Sister. “I’m not really sure what was on the tape actually.”

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2 thoughts on “Mimi Faust Talks Second Sex Tape

  1. Of course there wouldn’t be a sequel unless some old video’s get stolen. Mimi didn’t make that tape for the public to begin with it got stolen that stuff happens especially if your a reality star. I believe their suitcases were stolen. If they were recognized and someone wanted their luggage that would be so easy to do. I believe definitely MiMi had nothing to do with it and most likely neither did Nikko.
    Evil malicious unhappy with themselves people love to talk b.s. about others instead of giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Anyone calling Mimi bad names all I got to say IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. RIGHT BACK AT YA.

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