WASHINGTON (AP) — Singer Chris Brown was close to a plea deal in his assault case that would have kept him out of jail, but the talks fell apart when prosecutors and defense attorneys couldn’t agree on what he would acknowledge happened last year.

Brown was arrested in October outside a hotel and charged with misdemeanor assault. A fan accused the singer of hitting him when he tried to get in a photograph Brown was taking with two women. At the time, Brown was on probation for a 2009 attack on singer Rihanna, his then girlfriend.

He was released from jail earlier this month.

Prosecutor Kevin Chambers said Wednesday they offered a deal for Brown to plead guilty to simple assault and time served in the Washington case. But the Grammy-winning singer’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said defense lawyers and prosecutors couldn’t agree on a statement of facts about what happened outside the W hotel.

“They wanted him to read from a script that wasn’t true,” Geragos said after the hearing. The attorney did not say specifically what the disagreement was over.

Brown was in court Wednesday, wearing white jeans, a white shirt, a leather jacket and a black tie.

His trial was scheduled for Sept. 8.

Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, was also charged in the same Washington scuffle. He was accused of being the second person after Brown to strike Parker Adams.

Hollosy was convicted of misdemeanor assault in April. He has not yet been sentenced.

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(Photo: AP)

5 thoughts on “Plea Deal Talks Fall Apart in Chris Brown Case

  1. Same thing since slavery black man repeat after me then we can strick a deal, if black man do not repeat no deal we want to hang your ass.

  2. There is no fair deal in America when a person is black no matter how much money a black man have you can say what you want I know better at this point no matter what is being said media and the courts have drag this situation for a long there is no justice in the in the justice system.

  3. stephanie on said:

    Such a hateful country, Lindsay Lohan was given so many chances and probation, the little punk Justin b,should have peen in jail so many times instead of a slap on the risk. Our black boys are never given a fair chance or the same opportunities as white boys, the get put in jail ten times more often than that white that commits more and worst crimes.

    • Cynic13 on said:

      They all should be in jail! None of them have matured and learned their lesson or even admitted they are at fault for all their bad behavior. The only difference is that Lindsay and Justin haven’t consistently been in trouble for violence against other people. They’re stupid and irresponsible and have committed illegal acts. Chris Brown is violent and has some serious anger issues – he needs serious help.

    • Traboe on said:

      Uh stephanie Chris Brown is NOT being treated like “our black boys” if that was the case he’d still be locked up. He’s a celebrity and Millionaire afforded opportunities the majority of us will NEVER be and he acts like a fool, I have no sympathy for him.

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