What happens when your employer finds out you’re homosexual?

If you’re Anthony Lofties you start thinking your sexual preference could’ve actually gotten you fired.

That’s what a Memphis, Tennessee man is claiming.

According To Fox13:

He says there were days where he would cry going to work and then cry leaving work because of the mistreatment he faced.

Soon after, Lofties started working at the Aeropostale store in the Oak Court mall in 2011, he filed a sexual harassment complaint against a manager. After that he says the company retaliated against him, changing his shifts and putting him under extra supervision.

Then in 2012 he was fired for, according to his termination paperwork, mishandling a 20-dollar bill at the cash register.

Weeks later, a manager contacted Lofties on-line to tell him that was not the reason he was let go. But in fact Lofties says the regional and district manager told him they were not to hire gay males and African-americans because they don’t represent the image of the brand.

Lofties filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Aeropostale Incorporated last year. The suit alleges the reasons for his termination, “were mere pretext to enforce the defendant’s police to not hire African-american males with an openly homosexual orientation.” the company filed paperwork answering to the lawsuit denying there was any discrimination.

In an email statement the company says, “Aéropostale strongly disputes these allegations. We value a culture of inclusion and diversity within our workforce, and are committed to maintaining a workplace that exemplifies our values of integrity, respect, teamwork and compassion.”

The lawsuit is moving forward in federal court though Lofties lost his attorney who withdrew from the case after taking a new job. Anthony Lofties is currently representing himself.

What do you think? Is Lofties paranoid or is this really possible in our society?

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(Photo/Video Source: Fox13)


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7 thoughts on “Memphis Man Says He Was Fired From Aeropostale Because He’s Black & Gay [WATCH]

  1. I recently told someone that Racism is back with a vengeance! whether it’s true or not we might not know, although the one point that stands out is when he said that blacks don’t reflect the “brand” a lot of companies feel this way and this is why we have been removed from customer service, some believe that we will not deliver, were incapable, are we just not as good… Even Timberland boots said they’re Not marketing their waterproof footwear for African Americans Tommy Hilfiger and a lot of fashion designers feel the same way, only after we put them on the map!

  2. I said it. on said:

    I’m surprised that he can’t find an attorney to take a case that would provide a lot of publicity. Strange.

    • He can’t find an attorney because it’s unwinnable. For most people who want to be in the spotlight, bad publicity is better than no publicity. Not so for attorneys. No attorney on earth wants to known for losing cases. That’s why his attorney walked. He knows a clunker when he sees one.

      • I said it. on said:

        That’s the reasonable conclusion, but not everyone wants to be reasonable.

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