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Director Tim Story‘s “Think Like a Man Too” featuring Kevin Hart topped the weekend box office in its debut week with $30 million — making back its budget of $24 million.

Although the original film made roughly $3 million more during its opening weekend, the sequel is still up to par with its predecessor.

The franchise, from Producer Will Packer‘s Rain Forest Films, is still going at it, but it’s two years after there was a higher demand for a film like “Think Like a Man.”

The original film went on to make $96 million domestically.

Many of franchise’s stars’ careers have been rejuvenated or blossomed — including Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Taraji P. Henson and of course, the biggest breakout star, Hart.

The thinking goes that since there are now more “hit” black films like “Think Like a Man” coming out, the need for it isn’t as great as it used to be.

Some are saying that caused the drop in opening weekend box office the second go-around.

But the biggest difference is the first film opened up in April 2012 during pre-summer season and the sequel was released during summer season 2014.

Nevertheless, the sequel is still a money maker and is proof that films like it are still popular, although this version is not as fresh as it was two years ago.

Did you see the movie? Which did you think was better — the sequel or the original?

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