The Charlotte Hornets will be back for the 2014-2015 season, and they will have a brand new look this time around.

New Orleans changed the name of the franchise this past season to the “Pelicans,” and fans anticipated the return of the Hornets name to Charlotte.  The Hornets made its way back to Charlotte at the NBA the 2014 NBA draft lottery in May.

When it was revealed the Bobcats would go back to the Hornets old name, Charlotte revealed a few concepts they came up with which brought back the old logo and mascot Hugo T. Hornet along with the old school teal and purple, which should bring back memories of fan favorites like Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.

The franchise wasted no time revealing the teams new uniforms for the upcoming season, and while the team is bringing back the colors and mascot the one thing missing to bring that old Charlotte feeling is the team will not bring back the pinstripes on the jerseys and the team has gone with a more up to date look, but believe the pin stripes would have been welcomed by the fans.  The franchise revealed three different colors, a home , away and alternate .


Do you prefer the old jerseys or the more modern look?


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