Is Cassie pregnant with Diddy‘s seventh child? The folks on social media think so.

Earlier this week, the songstress posted a selfie where she appeared much fuller in the midsection and face. However, after people began to ask her about a possible pregnancy, she quickly deleted the photo and replaced it with a cropped version. (See below)


Two days later, to even further deny the pregnancy, Cassie posted another selfie of her laying on the beach (see below) but like one Instagram follower put it, “Everyone seen that other picture though… You aren’t fooling anyone.”


Neither the Diddy camp or Cassie’s camp have commented on the rumor but what do you think?

Did Cassie slip up and post a photo of her pregnant belly or was she bloated?

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3 thoughts on “Is Cassie Pregnant by Diddy? Instagram Photo Leads to Speculation [SEE IT INSIDE!]

  1. airam26 on said:

    pregnant with a boy. But agreeing with Lady Day comment. Puffy is a man with zero morals. Just gutter, trash with cash. That’s all.

  2. Lady Day on said:

    who cares about cassie being pregnant! don’t like the idea that diddy never married any of his baby’s mamas, what a shame on him. what a poor example to the sons that he has to show disrespect to women.

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