Biggest Losers Mark Pinhasovich and Amanda Arlauskaus both transformed themselves during the taping of The Biggest Loser seasons 10 and 8 respectively.

Mark won the Season 10 at-home prize, losing 213 pounds and winning $100,00o. Amanda was the second runner-up in Season 8, losing 87 pounds and keeping it off for five years.

Although they first appeared in different seasons, the two become good friends and do weight loss informational sessions together.

Right now, they are traveling around the country to talk about the virtues of clean eating and how efforts to do so can be sabotaged by sneaky foods that seem healthy but really aren’t.

Some of those foods include pretzels, sushi, granola bars, applesauce, sushi rolls and yogurt.

Watch the videos for  more information on Mark and Amanda and their weight loss transformation.

(Photo: Mark Pinhasovich FB page)

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