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People get sued for the most ridiculous things everyday. So if we know regular folks get sued for any and everything, imagine what celebrities get sued for. Rapper Meek Mill is one of those celebrities hit with a crazy lawsuit. The Philly rhymer is being accused of causing a former police officer’s sexual dysfunction. Yes, you read correctly.

Here’s the story. Meek Mill was arrested in Philly back in 2012. He was accused of being in possession of marijuana. However, police never found any drugs on Meek Mill and in turn, Meek sued the city of Philadelphia. Meek Mill’s lawsuit was thrown out, but an officer involved in the incident says he’s still suffering from that incident.

The unnamed former cop says Meek Mill has been defaming him in interviews since the lawsuit against Philadelphia was thrown out. The cop, who was fired for reasons unrelated to the Meek Mill case, claims Meek’s comments have damaged his reputation and character. He also says the “Amen” rapper’s negative comments about him have affected him so much that his gun hasn’t been able to bust shots when it comes time for the former cop and his fiancée to get intimate. In the lawsuit, he says the case has “had a strong effect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.”

The ex-cop says he hasn’t worked in over a year and he is demanding $750,000 in damages.

Do you think he’ll win this case?


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