Wu Tang Forever.  That must the the motto of the Lieberman family who named their newborn twin sons – wait for it – Ghostface and Raekwon. Yes, the happy couple alerted Raewon of this hip-hop history and he posted a shot of the kids and their birth certificates to his Instagram page.

OK, they may be the greatest overall hip-hop crew of all time, and they did have a multitude of gritty hits during one of hip-hop’s most creatively relevant period thus far, but we hesitate to think what little Ghost and Rae will go through in kindergarten – unless, of course, the parents are all as hip as the Liebermans. Click over to see that Raekwon had to say.

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One thought on “WTH Files: Twin Boys Named Ghostface and Raekwon

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    No different than Quintavious, DeVontavious, Sharkeisha, or MartayShanevia! All the ghetto hoes say: “Ooh, that’s a pretty name…”

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