Marissa Williams, 19, was arrested and charged with solicitation of murder after asking a fictional man she met on Facebook to kill her family, reports


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Williams did not know that the man, whom she thought was named  Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis, was actually her aunt monitoring her irresponsible Facebook activity.

Concerned by her niece’s reckless behavior, and unable to see her page after being blocked, the aunt created “Topdog” and sent her niece a friend request.

It did not take long for the Facebook exchanges to turn to discussions of prostitution and murder.

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According to court documents, Williams began unknowingly talking to her aunt, posing as Ellis, in late May, and on the first day they interacted online, she gave the fictional boy her phone number and home address and asked him to come over and get drunk with her. She then offered to have sex with him if he’d pay her $50 cell phone bill.

Days later, Williams allegedly told the man she knew as Ellis that her family made her angry and that she wanted to get out of Alabama. She then asked the man she’d never met to come kidnap her and take her away from her family. According to the deposition, Williams told ‘Tre’ to shoot and kill her aunt if she tried to stop him.

Her plans reportedly got increasingly intricate and sinister as time passed. According to the court files, she told the fictional man how to get into her aunt’s bedroom so he could kill her and the woman’s fiance first, then she asked him to shoot her cousin and the family dog on the way out. Williams allegedly planned to pack her things in his car while ‘Tre’ murdered her family.

When she read what Williams was asking the fictional boy to do, the aunt called the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and asked for help.

Williams is being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $30,000 bond.


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5 thoughts on “Ala. Woman ‘Catfishes’ Niece On Facebook, Finds Out Niece Is Plotting To Kill Her

  1. Paris on said:

    Wow! She didn’t need to kill her aunt to move out. She’s 19 and legally an adult. It sounds like she just wanted to kill them on general principle. She probably was going to kill them and take all she could from their house and leave town. Some people you just can’t help. If it was my niece she would not have to worry about seeing me again (other than in court).

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