It’s been said more than a time or two that the media has trapped people into appearing to say things that they never really said. And it’s being said again! This time by T-Boz of TLC.

Recently TLC gave an interview to an Australian morning show while they were on tour in Sydney. This was around the same time that everyone in America was going berserk over the see through dress that Rihanna wore to an awards ceremony. Take a look at the interview to refresh your memory!

We’re guessing that Rihanna’s fans aka The Navy” sailed towards T-Boz’s mentions on Twitter because she seemed taken aback by the ruckus that was caused. In fact she didn’t really seem to know why Rihanna’s name was in her mentions on Twitter at all. Take a look at what she said in the tweets below.


So, it appears that Tionne is saying they never said anyone specifically and she understands why it looked as though they called out Rihanna…but they didn’t actually do it. She is right in that the interview was cut up into sections and neither she nor Chilli said RiRi’s name…or any other name for that matter. Since we can’t hear what the questions were that were being asked, we really don’t have a way of knowing what the show altered with their interview.

However, we will say this. T-Boz has been known for a whole lot of things throughout her career…but being shy about sharing her opinion is not one of them! If she actually said it…we think she would stand up and say it again! So, if she says it didn’t happen…we’re inclined to take her word. Hopefully Rihanna and her followers will do the same.



7 thoughts on “T-Boz Responds To Rihanna Drama:”Last Time I Checked I Didn’t Say Nobody’s Name”

  1. Tina B. on said:

    Whether she was talking about Rhianna or not, the fact remains that what she said was absolutely correct! Some of these female celebrities go too far with their dress, and the dress Rhianna wore was an example of going too far! If you have talent, you can show that talent without having to parade your naked a** to the world! These celebrities (both male and female) need to realize that they have youth looking up to them and play the role! And I don’t want to hear about them not being responsible for the youth because it goes along with the territory! Hats off to T-Boz for speaking the truth!

  2. Debbie on said:

    LOL. Rihanna shut her ass up!!! How dare you speak about someone when you did the same damn thing!!! Now you say you didn’t say it. EVERYONE knows who you were talking about.

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