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daymond-john-gettyAs sad as this next statement is, it’s the truth. If you are a black person, being followed around a store while shopping is almost a rite of passage. It happens all of the time and little has been donee to change it. Since the negative effects of shopping while black have been brought back to the headlines thanks to actor Rob Brown‘s Macy’s experience and the whole Barney’s debacle, ABC’s news program “20/20″ did an experiment to see how everyday people would react when faced with blatant racial profiling.

Not only did the television show set up the routine hidden cameras and hire actors to set the scene, “20/20″ also brought in famed fashion CEO and star of the hit reality show “Shark Tank” Daymond John along for the ride. After watching a few people’s reactions to the black actor being racially profiled in a high-end store in New York City, John went undercover and found that times certainly have not changed when it comes to the treatment of black customers in stores.

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Check the video out below.



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4 thoughts on ““Shark Tank” Star Goes Undercover & Gets Racially Profiled [VIDEO]

  1. Per capita, black commit the most crime. Fact. If you have one security guard whose job it is to thwart shoplifting, who you gonna follow, the Asian, white, or black person? Don’t act like we haven’t earned or deserve the additional scrutiny. We ain’t all criminals, but we have more than our share.

    • OK suppose we got our own…..with the thin profit margin in retail, overhead, salaries, and security, you can’t afford loss to theft. An Asan and black enter the store at the same time, one will shoplift. Who are you going to focus the most attention on? Be honest please.

      • Linda on said:

        Every color steals but if focus your attention only on how a person is dressed and their color, you could be getting cleaned out by the race you don’t think is suspect.

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