When Louisiana hair stylist Crystal Collins realized that the mama of the little girl whose hair she just spent hours braiding wasn’t intending to pay her for her services, she undid her work and cut the braids out of the little girls’ hair…Then posted the pictures on social media.

“One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played,” Collins captioned the photo of the child with her braids cut out.

Perhaps Collins’ emotional decision had her thinking her friends on social media would understand and take her side, but you know how things that involve children can be unpredictable, right?

This was no exception.

Collins went deeper into justifying her actions after she started receiving a deluge of harsh criticism.

Apparently, the mother had made an appointment for her child and the stylist waited nearly two hours for the pair to arrive. Once the mother dropped the child off, Collins did her hair, while mom ran errands. But this is where it got sticky – instead of coming back and claiming her child and paying for the service, the mother ignored phone calls and texts sent by Collins.

When the stylist did finally connect with the mom via phone, and was told to drop her off at the house, it turned out to be the child’s grandmother’s house.

After several more attempts, Collins began to feel like she was running a race that would not conclude with her getting her money, so she summoned the little girl back outside and got busy with the shears.

What do you think? Did she go too far? Should she have just considered this a lost and moved on?

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86 thoughts on “Louisiana Stylist Cuts Young Girls Braids Off After Mother Refuses To Pay

  1. nappy on said:

    I think the stylist need to start collecting her money up front. I also think that when she noticed that the Mom was not coming to pick the little girl up she should have called the police who drops off their minor child being a stylist or not at a total strangers house and leave them for hours and never return? When my daughter was younger I took her to the shop for braids we went together and both got braids or if she was the only one getting them I stayed there with her only left for a brief moment and that was to get food. You have to put yourself in the stylist shoes, who knows what her financial situation no one know this is how she pay her bills and feed her family the electric company or the cashier at the local grocery store was not gonna wait for the money on a later date. and for everyone that thinks she was wrong I am sure that you were not willing to pay for it…. If so find the little girl and Pay a stylist to do her hair or shut up…. And by the way you do great work and keep up the good work….

    • Louisiana on said:

      I agree, if you buy a car and don’t pay for it, they repo it. She better be glad she didn’t take her to the police station, because she neglected her child for hours. I’m from Louisiana and know the story better than others. They saying all the negative comments but don’t know the story behind it. I bet she will think twice next time when dropping her child off with no money.

  2. WillowFan on said:

    Clearly, the stylist wants to be paid, but that’s an adult matter to be taken up with the mother. If the mother was not available, then the stylist had the following actions that should have been taken: 1) left the child’s hair done and taken pictures to add to her portfolio as examples of her good work as the money was already lost, no need to traumatize a young girl; 2) going forward require deposit or full payment up front when dealing with children; 3) chalk this up to charity, something many people do by offering thier professinal services for free. But cutting the braids out was not acceptable as what she was really doing was misdirecting her greivance with the mom toward the child. People we must do better.

    • She did exactly what she was suppose to do by teaching mom and daughter a lesson. Monkey see monkey do. Get away with it the child grows up stealing, and that is exactly what it is, thief of services. Now sue her, and the grand mama two. The Mama could have very well learned it from the grand mama. Knowing she was wrong as two left shoes why would she get her mom involved unless she knew her mom would know what to do when the baton passed to her. All the time the little girl learning the con game from the pros. Children to not involved honest parents in their b.s. con games unless they know the parent is down with program. Bad children hide their dirt from good honest parents. Oh how easy it is for others to tell you the one who suffered the loss to forget about it. Hell they are not the one who did the work and had to put up with that mess. If you can see both sides of that situation that mean you got game in you because no honest person would agree with that crime. Stealing is one of the fastest ways to get a one way express ticket straight to hell.

  3. JD Nell on said:

    The stylist should have left baby girl hair just as beautiful as she made it and called the police on her mother. The fact is she abandoned her daughter and attempted to steal services. These are things the law is equipped to handle. There was no need for her to stoop to the hoodrat’s level

  4. I know stylists that do this. I agree with removing the braids from the child’s hair, if I were the stylist and I did not get paid, you leave how you came. However I don’t agree it should have been posted to social media.

    • seriously on said:

      Wow, of course you are not the only person on here believing what this woman did was wrong….No shame, no empathy, no compassion, no character, no integrity….All signs of a sociopathic losers. There is a right way to do everything…One is a deposit, One is the parent must remain in shop while their child is being serviced…What should have happened is clear if she does not come and pick up her child, I would have called to police (the only thing you people understand). And if you do not pay they police could have arrested her…Or you could sue in civil courts etc,,,,And either way it is not the child’s fault and I would have her arrested for assault of a minor. I know people like you cannot grasp this level of decency. This woman and her followers are trash of the lowest kind,. No wonder so many black children do not stand a chance in this world. And black America is better off without you and your offspring

      • Actually, the reason most black kids won’t make it in America or anywhere else is because their self worth is tied to images created by fake products. She got some damned fake ass hair taken out of her head. It wasn’t hers, didn’t belong to her and so she had to give it back because her shysty ass mamma didn’t pay for it. That lesson shouldn’t keep her from making it in this great country. However, thinking that her natural appearance is so below par that her mamma would rather stoop to stealing rather to let her go natural will surely hold her back. I’ve seen little girls as young five or six with fake hair hanging from their heads. Outrageous.

  5. Poole_d on said:

    You are right 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but she was messing with someone’s lively hood. That’s how she makes her living. The mother knew exactly what she was doing, she has done it before. I hate it for the child, she should be uspset with her mother. The mother is teaching her child how to steal. The other women in my office aggree with the stylist.

    • She didn’t have to pay. She left with what she came in with. The only thing she didn’t leave with was a head full of fake hair.

  6. Jennifer Cottman on said:

    I did not get back into this story..so I don’t know when this happened but it has me puzzeled as to why the stylist thought that was the answer.
    I will pay for this little girl to get her hair re-braided by a true professional.
    Pls get in contact with me Tom Joyner.

      • Yahoo! Mail Alert™ on said:

        Most are missing the point! This little girl did nothing wrong..nothing..besides all we have read is the stylist side of the story. This stylist knew this was as many are saying her lively hood.” Who knows if that is factual? And she knew the woman too. Otherwise she wouldn’t have taken hostile measures. She was wrong on so many levels..ppl say she left as she came..not so..first of all she apparently took the child to her grandmothers. .bc it said she called the child outside and started cutting them out. She not only cut the braids she took them out with aggression. She was mad at the mother..yanked it out no doubt..had the child crying than had the amittedgated gull to post the child on social media. She is a child no less…if you have a beef with an adult that is where it should be. She was so un professional…and took it out on the child… And yes, I said I would pay to have her hair re-braided. But, who knows if the child ever wants to go to another “stylist”????

      • With any kind of luck, she won’t want to have any more fake hair lashed onto her noggin, but, if by chance she hasn’t had her fill, it’s good to know mamma has the hook up. The good news is she may have learned a lesson about not trying to get something for nothing. Btw. Start saving now. Hair today. School clothes tomorrow.

      • I said it. on said:

        Why didn’t the grandma go outside, rush to pay, see who was calling the child back outside? She knew her daughter had been up to no good that day and probably didn’t want to be involved. A child who is used to being dropped off and not picked up (She is. The stylist didn’t say that the girl was crying for her mom as she waited hours to be picked up, or on the ride around town.) Isn’t going to be traumatized by braids being taken out, no matter the intensity it was done with.
        When you steal from the store and are caught security takes their items back AND they call the police. They don’t have to wait for the police to retrieve them.
        As far as YouTube goes, she’s probably all ready on there doing something crazy.

  7. Jennifer Cottman on said:

    Wow..how beautiful her hair was.
    I cannot agree. The stylist knew this woman.
    She allowed this woman to take advantage of her initially. Who waits two hours on an appointment without some kind of rapor between you?
    You know that person and you know how they can be.
    She set herself up!
    Why be so upset that you allow this woman to make yourself stoop to such a low level?
    No compassion for people, is what I say.
    That little girl was innocent..she was the victim here. For as long as it took the stylist to do her hair..was just as long,trying& tegis for the child to sit in her chair.
    I know God..and he don’t like ugly…the stylist showed her ugly side.
    Two wrongs don’t make it right.
    Who is to say had she just took the child home like the woman ask..left the child safe @grandmothers..happy and pretty, that God would not have bestowed her abundantly..hell the very next day with more than she could have ever lost? Who is to say..the lady wssn’t going to pay her..or the grandmother could have paid or offered her something.
    She jumped mad..took it out on that sweet little girl who just sat for hours getting it done.
    I truly believe she caused herself more harm thsn good. I would never refer anyone to her.
    And..working for attorneys. I would have filed a complaint againsts MsCollins.
    Think about it..she was totally ticked off..angry and all her aggression of pulling snatching yanking and cutting the braids out was abusive.
    Better her than me..if I had been grandmother..that shit wouldn’t of jappen to my granddaugter. I would have called the law.
    Ms. Collins you are no better than your friend.
    .the childs mother..you definitely should be before a judge. That is child abuse mainly on your part. Promise..it will come back on you for hurting that little girl.

    • That’s like blaming a store owner for not letting a child walk out of a store in a brand new pair of Nikes that her mamma slipped on her feet. The salon owner is not to blame. The blame lies solely with the mamma.

      • Yahoo! Mail Alert™ on said:

        I’m sorry but it isn’t like that at all. Store owner would have called the police. The store owner would have let the law do it’s thing. They doubtfully would have yanked the “shoes” off the child… Moreover..where does it say the woman told her she wasn’t going to pay her? There is no way this stylist was a stranger to this client. If so..than why didn’t she call the police? Right! Exactly. The point and principle are not far apart. It was a child…Hello!!! She lost her so-called cool and she did not just cut the braids out! She took them out with hostile measures..she is not a professional after that tirade.

      • Call the police for what? So she can spend a shit load of money dragging this thief to court, just to make a point? She made her point and all she was out was the cost of a few bags of Yaki and few hours of work. And if you try to walk out of a store in new shoes w/o paying, I don’t give rat’s ass how many police you call. One way or another, the shoes are coming off. You just got to trust me on that.

  8. smdh on said:

    when she showed up two hours late, she should not have done the child’s hair, and that should’ve been the end of it. if you are running a business, then maintain professionalism. people will take advantage, if you don’t stand your ground. I feel sorry for this child’s self esteem, due to two grown women putting emotions before this child’s well-being.

  9. Deidra on said:

    i would have cut them out to she can do whatever she want with them she put them in they belong to her if the mom want them she should have paid for them then she would not have cut them out good job way to go mom need to learn her lesson

  10. Rashawn Orr on said:

    Some of u people are acting like the stylist physically abused this child. The mother abused her more then anything! I honestly probably would have done the same thing…..child or not. Those braids are tideous and are rough on the hands. The mom was wrong on so many levels

  11. latoya on said:

    Honestly it’s the mother’s fault she probably goes around scamming people all the time and now it caught up with her. Times are hard for everyone right now, she deserves to be paid this is her job. Nobody works all day for free. At your job if your paycheck is short where are you headed right to the HR office to get your money. So the mother got exactly what she deserved it’s just unfortunate she used her child to get over on someone.

  12. Dee Gray on said:

    Wow, the stylist had waited two hours for her sorry azz to arrive. I would have cancelled that one, & got another client in. Then later, the mom was not responding to texts, messages or returning calls; then expecting the stylist to get the child home? What kind of so called parent was she anyway? I would have taken good pictures of my hair creation, written the time it took for me to do the job, price, materials, etc. and taken her to the people’s court & pressed for justice to the fullest extent of the law. After that, I would put the word out to other local stylists & everyone I know, to beware of this jackass.

  13. The stylist was justified…………..it was the mother’s responsibility to pay for the service she received. ( Her child’s hair being braided ) The stylist could have used the time she did the child’s hair to do someone’s hair who would have willingly paid her for her service.

  14. Seems like more people are saying horrible that the braids were cut off more than horrible that the mom had this random stylist drop her child of from place to place. The mom neglected her child, tried to get over on a FREE HAIRSTYLE and now she wants to play victim. It’s just that easy to be blame the parent its not the stylist responsibility. The stylist probably had to take her home or she would’ve been stuck at the shop all day.

  15. breeanas on said:

    Regardless of anything that was still a child. Just knowing she did that to a kid makes this paying customer not even want to spend her money there. Not with that stylist. Then she posted it on fb…. smh

    • Look at what the mom was teaching her child “to steal”. That’s not right. The stylist taught her there are consequences to your attractions. Maybe she shouldn’t have posted the pics but now everyone knows she don’t play when it comes to her money. She takes pride in her work, that will keep her in business a very long time.

    • So every time she shows up at a stylists salon and pull this same crap, she gets away with it because she’s using her child. Do you think shoe store owners or jewelry store owners use the same reasoning when they see a parent trying to exit a store with the merchandise firmly attached to their little darlings? The only person to blame here is the shysty ass mamma. The salon owner is different than any other merchant who will not let thieves walk out of the store with their merchandise.

  16. tellthetruth on said:

    As a free-lance makeup artist I can relate to the stylist, I usually do wedding parties make-overs, I have a contract they must sign and get my money upfront upon arriving @ the destination where I am doing the make- overs before i would wait until the entire wedding party was complete before I collected my money until one bridesmaid tried to pull a fast one on me and say O I thought this was free, I proceeded to remove all of the make up from her face with my cleansers and told her to have a good-day, people will try you but just as I told the young lady this is my job I have to make a living even though this was a child, I can relate to the stylist……… get your money as soon as they sit in your chair…………………….. Blessings…………………..

  17. Eboni on said:

    As a hairstylist I understand how the stylist feels. And trust me you don’t have to know them well for them to ask you to drop them off. Some people have no shame and yes her mom was probaly scamming. Her mom is wrong and although getting the police involved may have been the politically correct thing to do, it would have been more devastating for the child to see her mom possibly get arrested or for CPS to take her due to abandonment. I don’t condone hairstylist’s actions but I understand them. But she has a right to get paid and the mom needs to see the consequences of her dumb actions.

  18. Black folk you could never get over on white people with that mess…drop her off at her grandmothers what you think this is?! The stylist should have taken the Mom to court.

  19. Marilyn on said:

    I’m a hair stylist and many times haven’t been paid but I still wouldn;t have done so tragic thing to a child. I would have rather let it go because God will make your business more profitable if you don’t do bad deeds. The mother would evently get paid back it cost her more in the long run and you wouldn’t loss clientals. On top of that She never stated she wasn’t going to pay her, the stlyist just assume and you know the saying when you assume something you mas an a** out of yourself.

    • Tragic? Not being able to sling around a head full of fake hair isn’t going to destroy her gentle psyche. Being made to believe you can steal and con your way through life and get away with it would be tragic.

  20. D Rock on said:

    At some point you have to stop acting like the stereotypical ni&&3r are starts ting like an adult/responsible parent/law abiding citizen/profession/employee/consumer/neighbor/student/whatever. Both adults were WRONG!!! Mom on many counts. Poor and irresponsible parenting for staters. Being and acting like a low life ni&&3r at least. The for bring and acting complete unprofessional and childish and immature. And like a ni&&3r. It’s obvious what mom should have done. What stylish should have done after unsuccessfully attempting to collect payment was take moms but to court. Doex she still expect to get paid. Now that she has cut the braids out??? Mom could now refuse to pay because the braids have been cut out AND she COULD sue the stylist for assaulting the child. She may not win, but it would hurt the stylist’s business and reputation. Could ruin it. Stop acting/reacting like stereotypical ni&&3rs and helping to validitify that stereotype to the world and start acting like mature and responsible citizens/professionals/employees/students/parents/what have you. There are more that do than don’t – but the world doesn’t know or believe that because it’s only these types that make the news and get the hits on social media. Many blacks are by far they’re own worst enemies – and the rest of our worst enemies as well.

  21. A couple things, 2 hours late is even stretching BPT (Black People Time). Secondly, asking the stylist, whom it’s doubtful she knew, to drive her kid home is just plain negligent and criminal. I don’t see Asians or whites acting anywhere close to this shigiddy azz behavior. What the hell is wrong with our Peeps?
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  22. I don’t understand why people think the services they request are free. The sytlist has to make a living just like everyone else. Does the mother work and expect to be paid for her services at the end of the week? Same difference. If she went to the mall and bought something from a store, does she expect to walk w/o paying. Stop trying to cheap small business owners. I think she was justified in cutting the braids out.

  23. Mom thought she was going to get a free hair job for her child. I side with the stylist. No one works for free and it’s unfornate that the child was caught in the middle. Mom had this plan from the start. The mother had no intention of paying the stylist. Sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horns.

  24. It is really beautiful work and I am sure it took a long time for such a professional look. The child is not responsible for the actions of her thieving mother, you have to pay for services rendered and the mother put her daughter in this embarrassing situation.

  25. lady T on said:

    When all is said and done you have a child involved and I am sure while she thinks she is making a point taking pictures and things that baby is crying her little eyes out. We as adults need to deal with adults it is not that babies fault what her raggedy mother did. I concur with wanting to be paid for your services but I think we all know also this crap comes with the territory so revise how you are paid. Half up front or something. But don’t play with the baby. That just makes you childish.

  26. cmac on said:

    I personally could not have done it to any little girl. But this wasn’t the stylists’ child. The mom put her child in a terrible situation, not knowing how this could have played itself out. Mom is supposed to be responsible care for and protect her baby, not leave it to a stranger to do the right thing, especially not in this world we live in today.

    • cmac on said:

      One Thing you can probably Bet on……..she won’t be pulling this crap again, well at least for the sake of the child let’s hope not.

  27. Take pictures and sue for more money than she would have originally received. Notify other stylist of the mother and her antics online via social media but not the child. Just horrible…poor baby

    • Poor baby. I agree. But it’s squarely on her mother’s shoulders. Not the salon owner. Try walking into a store a putting a pair of Jordans on your kid and walking out of the store without paying. Any embarrassment caused to the kid is the parent’s fault. Not the store owner. They were stealing. No different here.

  28. CJay on said:

    In the state of Pennsylvania, had the stylist contacted the police it is a good probability they would have called child welfare services and the child removed, if only temporarily, for abandonment. It is less traumatic for the child to have experienced getting the hair cut than the probability of being removed from her family and her mother arrested for theft of services. Another point, had the stylist allowed the mother to get a way with non-payment, she probably would have had another situation like this as well.

  29. theluvmix on said:

    Some of you people are missing the bigger picture. This is a young child who has no control over her mother or the stylist…..why take take out adult issues on the child. The only person affected is the child. Also, I think there is more to the story because how many stylist that are not friends, acquaintances, buddies….etc with their clients (1) drop them off and (2) wait 2 hours for the client to arrive and still do their hair (braids especially).

    • Linda on said:

      theluvmix, EXACTLY, the stylist had to have some sort of relationship with this mother for her to know the stylist would drop her off at home, then to the grandmother’s. For a stranger, she would’ve called the police and CSP would’ve been involved. Now the mother is all the way wrong but the stylist has to take some of the blame. Poor child, she has her hands on her face so you know she bawling her eyes out. Sad.

  30. SnackGirl on said:

    The stylist had every write to be paid or take back her product. However, just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean it’s right to do. At the end of the day there is a little girl stuck in the middle so she should have considered that a little more heavily. After cutting the braids her time was still lost and she has no hope at all at recovering any money. I don’t agree with the comment that says the mom should press charges on the stylist. It’s not assault. The emotional distress was caused by the mother as much as the stylist. Further, the mom shouldn’t be able to drop of her child for a service and then refuse to retrieve her. Isn’t that abandonment?

  31. trotwoodjanet@aol.com on said:

    so sorry for the poor baby girl having to experience this, but the momma got what she deserved. you make the stylist late, she missed out on making money, she had to hunt you down and then drop the child off? payback is a b…….

    • RENO2AC on said:

      The mother DIDN’T get what she deserved. She took it out on the child. Come on, people. This wasn’t right by any means. The mother suffered no reprecussions.

  32. Debbie on said:

    I would have cut that shit out as well!!! You don’t play with people’s money, I don’t care who it is. It is not the stylists fault, it is the mother’s fault. If the child is mad at anyone, it should be her mother!!!!

    • Buttons on said:

      No one wins here, the stylist is a loser and I think she knows it. The mother is a bigger loser, but what the stylist did was just wrong. She had to have known the lady for her to say, drop her off at my mother’s house. I would have been mad and want my money, but sometime we have to take a lost and keep moving. The mother had no intentions of paying. The People’s Court would have loved this case.

  33. Donna on said:

    Its bad when the child has to see this kind of behavior, however what is the mom teaching her daughter? The mother probably go from stylist to stylist doing this but she got with the wrong one this time.

  34. 123Lovie on said:

    The mother made a tacky and brazen move it takes hours to put those braids in most time a stylist has to block hours out and not book other clients to accommodate and unfortunately the little girl was the casualty of her mother’s behavior, but lesson learned everyone may not be understanding or patient regarding getting disrespected

  35. Kimberly on said:

    The stylist was correct. The mother had no intentions of paying. Sorry. So what a child is involved. The mother is not teaching her daughter anything by teaching her how to steal, get over, and get by. She did the right thing by cutting them out…

  36. americanize. on said:

    Iam with the stylist,the mama was trying to play her.Poor little girl had to go though this because the moms is trying to get over.

    • lucinda on said:

      it sounds like the mother has done this b4. she figured the stylist would’t do anything because it’s a child. why else would she duck her? if the mother took it to court, i think the stylist would win hands down. what the stylist did, she had every right to do it. as was pointed out in an earlier post, this is the stylists means of income. the mother came in two hours late and the braids can take up to 4 hours. the stylist obviously needed her money or she would have closed shop after the first hour of no-show. writing it off was not an option she could afford. the mother had planned on ripping off the stylist and she has done this b4 obviously.

  37. The mother is an adult and as an adult you understand that you cant have services rendered and not paid for. It’s sad that the little girl had to be at the center of it all and I hope it wont have an emotional impact on her but the mother knows better and demonstrated to her daughter that it’s okay to get something and not pay for it. We need to pass on the best of character traits to our children so they’ll grow up to be the best they can be and pass to their children. Maybe the mother wasn’t raised right either.

  38. I said it. on said:

    Wow. The mother is the one that is responsible. No one who does a service such is this should be put in a position to hunt you down for their money, or to drop off the child. Not picking up your child in such a manner seems to be neglectful. Hopefully, the daughter does not pick up her mama’s hustling ways. This was a big ordeal for a little girl to deal with, though. That’s why they have the police to call. The mother did steal a service. Small claims court would be another avenue, but it’s hard to enforce. The best option would have been let the law handle getting the child home, after hours of waiting; and charged that lesson to the game before I thought to cut the braids. One thing is for sure. No one else will come to her salon with that BS.

  39. Y-vonne St. John on said:

    I understand her frustration; but i think that she should of left the braids in and continue trying to get her money and later use it as a write off and realize that God will make it good. The affects on the little girl was not worth it.

    • As long as she didn’t cut/damage the child’s hair, she did nothing wrong. Little girl will be more psychologically damaged by the effects of tight, fake hair on her hairline. Good lesson. Same as buying a house or a car. Don’t pay for it, it gets repossessed. The lesson the hairdresser taught her is much more valuable than the one her shyster ass mamma was trying to teach her. Good job Crystal!

      • sadsmh on said:

        The house or car gets repossessed after going through the proper channels. The autoshop will sue you before taking the rebuilt engine out of your car. The business will write the nonpayment off as a loss if they don’t recover payment. The stylist in this case was unprofessional and a hot head. I hope the little girl’s mother presses charges for assault and emotional distress. Posting the child’s pictures on instagram to show everyone that you don’t mess with her money was beyond immature, tacky, and humiliating for the child. The fact that people think it is ok to take adult issues out on children makes me said for the community. The stylist claims to be a mother, but had no compassion for the child. If the stylist would have handled this properly, the little girl’s mother could be in trouble for leaving her, along with whatever other allegations. When you take the law in your own hands, you are the one who gets it in the end.

      • Stop playin’. You know damned well the repo man will show up at your house if you miss one car payment. If they can’t find the vehicle, then they write it off. In this case, the owner of the merchandise knew exactly where it was. You think that when a person goes into a store and puts a pair of earrings, necklace or a pair of shoes on a child and attempts to walk out, the store owner should have compassion for the child and just write it off as a loss? How long do you think they’d be in business after the other shysters find out about the scam? How long do you think it would take the Mother of the Year in this story to let her girlfriends in on the secret of how get hundreds of dollars worth of fake hair and services for their little darlings for free? Do you think a store owner should be charged with assault for removing stolen shoes from the feet a child? That is exactly what this fool did. She stole services and product and thought she could get away with it because it was attached to her kid’s noggin. You really think this is first time she’s done this? She’s a crook and a con artist. The only person responsible for any embarrassment caused to her child is her.

      • I’m trying to keep a straight face about this. But some people are talking as if the hair stylist took back a donated kidney. Little girl left with exactly what she came with. Her hair. What she didn’t leave with was what didn’t belong to her. The same as if her mom (and I wouldn’t put it past her) went into a store and slipped a pair of Nikes on her child’s feet and tried to leave the store without paying. Since she doesn’t live in Mexico or Sudan, they wouldn’t chop off her feet, just take the shoes. Which is exactly what happened in this case. She may be upset about not having long fake hair to swing around, but her mamma is very resourceful. After all the sympathy she’s getting, hell, she won’t have to pay for another bag of Yaki until the little one is out of college. So you see? Everybody wins. The hair dresser won’t have to worry about shysty ass baby mammas taking advantage of her. And baby girl will have as many bags of hair as she needs to ensure that her hairline will have disappeared behind her ears by age 21. Easy peasy!

      • Btw. Another positive resulting from this. Perhaps, just maybe little one learned a hard lesson about stealing. We can always hope.

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