When Louisiana hair stylist Crystal Collins realized that the mama of the little girl whose hair she just spent hours braiding wasn’t intending to pay her for her services, she undid her work and cut the braids out of the little girls’ hair…Then posted the pictures on social media.

“One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played,” Collins captioned the photo of the child with her braids cut out.

Perhaps Collins’ emotional decision had her thinking her friends on social media would understand and take her side, but you know how things that involve children can be unpredictable, right?

This was no exception.

Collins went deeper into justifying her actions after she started receiving a deluge of harsh criticism.

Apparently, the mother had made an appointment for her child and the stylist waited nearly two hours for the pair to arrive. Once the mother dropped the child off, Collins did her hair, while mom ran errands. But this is where it got sticky – instead of coming back and claiming her child and paying for the service, the mother ignored phone calls and texts sent by Collins.

When the stylist did finally connect with the mom via phone, and was told to drop her off at the house, it turned out to be the child’s grandmother’s house.

After several more attempts, Collins began to feel like she was running a race that would not conclude with her getting her money, so she summoned the little girl back outside and got busy with the shears.

What do you think? Did she go too far? Should she have just considered this a lost and moved on?

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86 thoughts on “Louisiana Stylist Cuts Young Girls Braids Off After Mother Refuses To Pay

  1. Dr.Kinf on said:

    I can’t say I disagree with the stylist. She didn’t abuse the child, she cut the fake hair out. You cut the hair out when you take braids down and then undo the part with your hair by hand. Its not really traumatic, when its done anyway. The trauma in this situation is being abandoned. No one should have to work for free. My electric company doesn’t take compliments as payment. No payment, no service. She could have done worse by calling the police and having the mother arrested and later suing her in court.

  2. nappy on said:

    I think the stylist need to start collecting her money up front. I also think that when she noticed that the Mom was not coming to pick the little girl up she should have called the police who drops off their minor child being a stylist or not at a total strangers house and leave them for hours and never return? When my daughter was younger I took her to the shop for braids we went together and both got braids or if she was the only one getting them I stayed there with her only left for a brief moment and that was to get food. You have to put yourself in the stylist shoes, who knows what her financial situation no one know this is how she pay her bills and feed her family the electric company or the cashier at the local grocery store was not gonna wait for the money on a later date. and for everyone that thinks she was wrong I am sure that you were not willing to pay for it…. If so find the little girl and Pay a stylist to do her hair or shut up…. And by the way you do great work and keep up the good work….

    • Louisiana on said:

      I agree, if you buy a car and don’t pay for it, they repo it. She better be glad she didn’t take her to the police station, because she neglected her child for hours. I’m from Louisiana and know the story better than others. They saying all the negative comments but don’t know the story behind it. I bet she will think twice next time when dropping her child off with no money.

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