Pharrell Williams has finally taken off that Buffalo hat, but its replacement – a Native American feathered war bonnet for the cover of Elle UK’s July issue – has left some Native Americans less than “happy.”

The image was unveiled on the UK magazine’s Facebook page Tuesday, June 3, and within a few hours a lot of Facebook users had called it disrespectful and a mockery of Native American culture, Indian Country Today Media Network reported.

“I really love the Happy song. I am so NOT happy upon seeing this cultural appropriation, though,” Melissa ‘Spider’ Smith commented. “Blatant disrespect to Native people and cultural traditions is really disgusting. As a major magazine, you should already know better.”

Monika Trujillo wrote: “Our Culture is not an accessory! How dare the War Bonnet be worn in the same fashion as the Arby’s 10 gallon monstrosity. Money, fame and wealth cannot make one exempt from or pardoned of a racist act. Color on color crime is on display here. Sorry but that’s how I feel.”

“If this is about culture appreciation…why not hire real native American models? Or an actual chief who has earned the right to wear that headdress?” Sandy Gaitan said. “They can still put Pharrell on the cover somewhere Lol… just not causing controversy by wearing the headdress.”

Some offended Facebook users went directly to Williams’ official Facebook page to express their disapproval of the cover.

“You have no right to wear a headdress that is so sacred to native people.” Gail Lichtsinn posted. “Those headdresses are earned and not worn to make a buck or draw attention. They have meaning and are worn by our men with pride and dignity.”

“This is a mockery of a proud people,” Lichtsinn added. “We are not a joke and take these things very seriously. Go back to wearing your OWN clothes.”

What do you think? Is he being disrespectful by wearing the headdress?

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5 thoughts on “Pharrell Angers Native Americans With Headdress on Elle UK Cover [PHOTO INSIDE]

  1. Zerkeise on said:

    Again, WOW people. Think for God’s sake. Better yet, pick up a book. Or maybe even talk to your elders. There are many African Americans who are mixed with Native American, Anglo Saxon, Asian, and more. Somebody (in authority) please tell us what percentage of our heritage grants us the “right” to wear certain clothes, act a particular way, or speak a certain slang. So we all can figure out what “our OWN clothes” are. Why cant you just “BE HAPPY”

  2. cos seven on said:

    Maybe its a signal to go to war against the federal govt that screwed the native Americans who, by the way, Pharrell is probably genetically more related to than half the ‘Native Americans’ who complained about this picture.

  3. Linda on said:

    Maybe “Mr. Happy” should have stuck with his Dudley Dooright mountie hat. I don’t blame the Native American’s for being upset with him!

  4. he is bringing awareness to a culture that was almost lost, put it in the headlines, awoken the spirit, and reminded many of us of other cultures in the danger zone, well done dude

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