A private memorial service will be held this Saturday, June 7, at Wake Forest University for late poet and literary icon Dr. Maya Angelou, and while it’s hard to imagine who could deliver words to do her rich life justice, according to reports, her good friend Oprah Winfrey  will do the honors.

Angelou died last Wednesday , May 28, at her home in Winston-Salem, N.C. and Oprah has been remembering her ever since. “I’ve been blessed to have Maya Angelou as my mentor, mother/sister, and friend since my 20’s,” Winfrey wrote in a Facebook post the day Angelou died. “She was there for me always, guiding me through some of the most important years of my life. The world knows her as a poet but at the heart of her, she was a teacher. ‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give’ is one of my best lessons from her.”

What will the media mogul say at the services to remember her phenomenal friend?  “I don’t know what I will say, but it will just come,” Oprah told  Entertainment Tonight in an interview where she also recalled the last conversation they had. During that last conversation, Winfrey says that the late poet was proud of her role in the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic, “Selma.” “She said, ‘Take it, baby. Take it all the way,’ because said was a part of the movement,” Oprah said, nodding to Angelou’s Civil Rights activism.

In addition to next weekend’s memorial service, Angelou’s family plans on having more activities in her honor in other states across the country that her son Guy B. Johnson, will release more information about in the days to come. Due to limited seating capacity at Wake Forest University’s Wait Chapel, the family has decided to have a closed service for family and friends only, but the service will be live streamed at go.wfu.edu/angeloumemorial.

2 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey Set To Speak At Maya Angelou’s Memorial Service

  1. Dr. Maya Angelou has given us ALL something to strive for as human beings and as women of color in particular. She exemplifies for us the true meaning of the word LIMITLESS.

    There are no LIMITS! Maya Angelou proved and shall continue to prove that Truth.

    It is unfortunately still true that women, particularly Black woman must fight harder to be recognized for their accomplishments than men. It’s a shameful reality and denotes pure ignorance for half of humanity to be still treated this way in any way shape or form.

    Humanity itself still has much to learn…the status of women is always a sign of a culture’s evolution or lack thereof. America has grown in this regard yet is still in its infancy. Dr. Maya Angelou’s Example, however, has made it at least a bit less difficult for the accomplishments of women–specifically women of color to be recognized.

    She has shown the WORLD what WE are really made of!

    As I reflect on her life and her tremendous impact on the world and on many of us as individuals, it still boggles the Mind, warms the Heart and uplifts the Soul. She is a Contradiction and an Affirmation all AT ONCE!

    She has BLESSED and TRANSFORMED the WORLD…both inner & outer WORLDS.

    I escaped an abusive marriage with 3 young children and just a high school education. I almost fell into the hopelessness the situation seemed to represent for us…but you see, I had already been exposed to the Light & Wisdom of Dr. Maya Angelou by then.

    Maya Angelou had already taught me through her words and her example that I am a Phenomenal Woman who shall; despite being trod into the very dirt–RISE.

    I wrote her soon after my divorce. One day I was fantastically-SUPRIZED by a dated & autographed copy of Our Grandmothers. For years…that was my prized treasure. I hope someone returns it one day; she wrote my name on it!

    But her Light, Wisdom & Words live on in my Heart–in Our Hearts forever… So, though some may attempt to diminish her accomplishments; the accomplishments of all women–and definitely women of color–Black, negro, African American Women–WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!

    WE know who we are despite what “they” might call us Secretly or upon the world’s stage.

    R.I.P. to a True Angel-Mother-Leader-Poet-Priest; Dr. Maya Angelou.

    PLEASE LISTEN TO: Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou: 1928 — 2014 – Our Grandmothers – read by eLLe Beah — On YouTube – http://youtu.be/WLqOxS4o8hw

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