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Record players, cassette tapes, and radio…if you love music and you’re grown and sexy, these were all conduits for the hits that we will never forget.

As we kick of Black Music Month, I got to thinking about songs that were part of my life.  It’s difficult to hear a song without it taking you back to where you were when you heard it.

Whether it’s your first crush or your first break up, from the first day of high school or packing for college, your wedding day, jamming with your kid or the day your divorce was final, Black Music is what brings us to a common place no matter where we’re from.

Who knows why as a little girl, “One In a Million You” by Larry Graham”caught my ear?  But it did and it’s still one of my favorite songs. In fact, if you claim to really know me and don’t know that, I might look at you side-eyed.

When Michael Jackson died five years ago this month, my relationship with him real or imagined, became even more special.  The first album I ever owned was “Off the Wall.”  Before the rumors, the allegations, the plastic surgery I remember that cute, shy boy in a tux and I still blush.

If my kids had known the Whitney Houston I knew in the 80s and 90s they would have understood why I found it so utterly unbelievable when she passed away.  “Saving All My Love for You,” I’m Every Woman, “ “I’m Your Baby, Tonight,” “Shoop,” “My Love is Your Love, “I Will Always Love You.” All classics and each one will be on what every music device I’ll ever own.

But for me, the best songs of all time are the ones that ring in summer. I asked people their favorite summer songs and Hot Fun in the Summer Time by Sly and the Family Stone, Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang, and Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers, all were named multiple times. But the number one song and my favorite as well was Summertime by Will Smith& D.J. Jazzy Jeff.   Each of these songs conjure up memories of last days of school, family cook outs, picnics at the park, drive-in movies, and hide & seek (or hide & go get it) at dusk.    Already are kids are developing the playlists of their lives and we can only hope that over the years, their music will bring back memories of more good stuff than bad.   So, what’s the music that’s been important in your life?

Let’s celebrate it together.  Happy Black Music Month!

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