A 43-year-old woman is being charged with assault after allegedly making threatening comments on a United Airlines flight when told to turn off her phone.

According to a court affidavit obtained by The Huffington Post, Lashonda Lee Williams was asked to shut her phone off shortly after takeoff on a flight from Nashville, Tennessee, to Houston on Sunday.

Williams allegedly responded by saying, “I kill white people like you,” The Smoking Gun first reported. Williams allegedly told a female passenger that she would follow her once the flight reached Houston in order to find out where she lived.

The affidavit notes the woman feared for her safety.

The plane returned to Nashville shortly after takeoff. Once there, Williams was arrested and charged with assault. Davidson County Sheriff’s Office records state Williams was released Sunday night. She was let out on $3,000 bond, according to reports.

She is scheduled for a court appearance on June 25.

A United Airlines representative sent HuffPost the following statement regarding the incident:

ExpressJet flight 4205, operating as United Express from Nashville to Houston on Sunday, June 1, safely returned to Nashville due to two disruptive passengers. The flight landed without incident and was met by law enforcement officials before continuing to Houston.

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28 thoughts on “Flight Passenger Arrested for Remark: ‘I Kill White People Like You’

  1. Shaina MacQuare Wilson on said:

    Black folks can’t talk like that to white folks because black folks are inferior to white folks. Just look at Africa for proof: people living in mud huts, no money, no jobs, practicing subsistence agriculture, getting HIV, huffing jenkem, no sense of the future. Hopeless.

  2. Homegirl, you know we can’t talk like that to white folks. With all this “stand your ground” bull, all this white woman have to do is shoot you and say she felt threatened, so she shot you, and you know they are not going to charge her. Then your life is over and she get’s to go on her merry little way. We as blacks have to be smarter than that. Next time don’t show your hand until it’s time to lay your cards on the table. Ok?

  3. dangerousblkman on said:

    And where is their proof that the black woman threatened the white bitch. They always take the word of the devil over blacks.

  4. dangerousblkman on said:

    OK let me see if I have this right. The official story from the airline is that the plane turned around due to two disruptive passengers. Upon arrival the black woman was arrested. The black woman is the one the police target. All the while the white devil bitch gets to go on her way. It was that white bitches fault. All she had to do was mind her own damn buisness. The airlines have some Rosa Parks shit going on.Whites don’t know how to talk to blacks.Its their own damn fault when they say somethin stupid and we just react appropriatly.

  5. what the issue is not the phone it is the fact that she did not hit or touch the woman in any way but she is charged with assault what happen with freedom of speech people are gunning us down in the streets and getting away with it and now I am not even allowed to speak come does anyone else have a problem with that.

    • Assault is carried out by THREAT of bodily harm with an apparent present ability to cause harm. It’s a crime. Same as yelling FIRE! in a crowded theater. That is why she was charged with assault. She should have been charged with being too damned old to be acting that coonish.

    • Are you serious????? Do you fly a lot??? I do, and a person cannot pull stunts like this…and she was already causing a problem by refusing to turn off her phone. Freedom of speech only protects you against the government. She had to be pulling some serious stuff to get the plane turned around. I’m glad when a jerk like this gets punished, and I couldn’t care less about her color. She doesn’t know how to behave on a plane. Period.

  6. Linda on said:

    This is why I no longer wish to travel via airplane anymore. There are enuff crazies down here on the ground without having to deal with them on a plane.

    All this dumb b had to do was turn off her phone–how simple would that have been. No need for all the DRAMA and now a jail cell!!!!

  7. msyellarose on said:

    Sometimes you can only pray for the ignorant among us. What is the major deal about turning off all the electronic crap for a few hours on a flight? It will still be there when you land. Folks have just lost their darn minds.

    • The Truth is, We Black Americans are tired of being treated like shit for just being Black. You need to recognize. So be cool Fool !!!

  8. Camella Jenkins on said:

    A volcano waiting to erupt, that’s almost the same as the told man slapping the crying toddler on the plane. People no longer have self control they just do it! WHAT A SHAME

  9. Just turn off the phone, folks and these cell phones. Folk drive down the street texting, traffic is slow in a lane and when you get close to the slow car, someone is texting while driving. Whats so crazy is that they look at me with, ‘whats your problem”. Man what is so important?

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