Would you believe that teachers may be in the classroom more throughout the school year, but still miss several days of school? Some teachers are even absent 18 or more days.

U.S. News reports:

Teachers nationwide are in the classroom 94 percent of the school year, but students may still be getting shortchanged by the more than 1 in 10 teachers deemed to be chronically absent, according to a new report ​released by the National Council on Teacher Quality on Tuesday.

Using data from 40 large school districts across the country from the 2012-13 school year the NCTQ found that, on average, teachers missed nearly 11 days out of a 186-day school year. This is considered frequently absent. Still, 16 percent of those teachers missed 18 or more days – equivalent to about 10 percent of the school year – and were considered chronically absent, the report found.

“Generally there’s good news, and the average attendance rate reflects that,” says Nancy Waymack, managing director of district policy for NCTQ. “But it’s being dragged down by teachers who are chronically absent.”

Previous research from the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown that when teachers are absent for 10 days, there is a significant decrease in student outcomes. The decrease, Waymack says, makes the difference between students having a brand new teacher and one with two or three years of teaching experience.

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5 thoughts on “Teachers Miss More School Than Students

  1. Keyona on said:

    O agree #2! Kids today have a lot of bad attitudes and I’m sure I’d need a break from them during the school year just to keep from knocking one out! I’d rather call in to work than get fired for popping one in the month! #justsayn

  2. Linda on said:

    Teachers today are more concerned with earning a bigger paycheck instead of being dedicated to their profession and providing a quality education to all children, regardless of their complexion.

    For some reason urban teachers seem to earn less than those who teach in the suburbs.

    The ones in the city should be paid the same as the suburban ones if not more due to the unrulyness of the kids they are forced to deal with.

    • I said it. on said:

      You can’t go into Neiman Marcus with a Dollar Store gift card and come out with a full wardrobe. An education is expensive and laborious. When teachers finish they are left with much debt, high imsurance cost, and little compensation, but everyone wants to do it simply for the love of the game. The least people could do is purchase a shiny apple for teacher appreciation week, send their children to school well-behaved, and ready to learn.

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