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Mike Epps is not having a good year. Atlanta police have issued an arrest warrant for the comic, who is alleged to have assaulted an up-and-coming comic who made a parody video about him and Kevin Hart.

Although Epps was drawing in fans during his recent After Dark tour, he’s also been drawing assaults and beefs.

In April, there were reports of an altercation with Simone Shepard at the Haunted House 2 premiere where it was alleged he punched Shepard in the face after she got into a confrontation with his wife. Shepard, according to her rep, has worked with Epps as a ghostwriter in the past. Though no charges were filed, Shepard released a pic that showed her with a swollen jaw.

A few weeks later, Epps and fellow comedian Mike Epps clashed over Twitter when Epps said Hart was overrated and Hart said Epps was washed up. The two talked it out offline and reconciled their differences. The most recent incident took place outside of an Atlanta nightclub with Epps and comedian Lavar Walker, who recently made a parody video of Epps and Hart on Instagram.

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3 thoughts on “Arrest Warrant Issued for Mike Epps in Atlanta Assault

  1. Yazzie on said:

    I’m surprised at Mike Epps and his actions. True, Epps and Hart are funny in their own way, but to go as far as to have bodyguards beat someone up (not saying that I condone beatings by anyone, but Epps is sorry to not handle things himself) is cowardly. He may or may not care about what people think of him, but he must remember that his fans made him a household name, his fans go to his concerts, his fans pay his bills. What good is your brand of comedy if others don’t know about it or like it? Now when it comes to hitting a lady, he should be ashamed. Standing up for your wife is one thing, but he didn’t have to hit her. Be careful Epps, because you may lose your “star power” when no one finds you funny anymore and they may beat YOU up and NOT need bodyguards to do it for them.

  2. Paris on said:

    Mike Epps seems to be frustrated that Kevin Hart is getting so much attention while he (Epps) has been working hard on the comedy circuit and making small strides. He shouldn’t blame Hart because people find Kevin Hart more appealing. Then Epps act like some punk gangster and have his bodyguards rough someone up. I never though Epps was funny and now I know he’s a jealous coward. He will punch a woman but he has to have his bodyguards fight for him when it’s a man. Mike is a PUNK to the nth power.

  3. I’m starting to lose respect for Mike Epps, although I did agree with him when he thought Kevin Hart was Overrated as a comedian. He’s Hollywood Funny. He isn’t Bill Maher Funny, or Dave Chappelle funny, or Zack Gilifinakis funny, or Deon Cole funny, or Corey Holcomb funny… #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

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