Funeral services for Dr. Maya Angelou, who died last Wednesday at 86-years-old, will be held Saturday morning on the campus of Wake Forest University, reports WXII.

Heads of states and other dignitaries are expected to attend the private service, but no names have been confirmed.

Prior to her death, Dr. Angelou had been a faculty member at Wake Forest since 1982.

“Dr. Angelou was a national treasure whose life and teachings inspired millions around the world, including countless students, faculty, and staff at Wake Forest, where she served as Reynolds Professor of American Studies since 1982. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Angelou’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

“Maya Angelou has been a towering figure — at Wake Forest and in American culture. She had a profound influence in civil rights and racial reconciliation. We will miss profoundly her lyrical voice and always keen insights,” Wake Forest University President Nathan O. Hatch said on Wednesday.

Angelou’s family will release a formal statement on Monday.

NewsOne will provide more details as they become available.



2 thoughts on “Dr. Maya Angelou Funeral Details

  1. How long really will your love last for her, Now that she is not here physically? Will you carry the love she shared with you for 80 plus years, continue to be shared from you to others, or will you cease to share what you gained from her energy, because she is no longer here in the present, in a physical body? Nonetheless, Here is the true test of love that everyone who was touched by Maya, will all experience from this moment forward. How long will your love of her last, until next week, a year from now, three years from now, 20 years from now, or will Ms. Oprah even remember 30 years from now, to have instead a “Where Are They Now” Show, to have a “Send Out a Prayer Vigil, to remind so many before Maya’s, and after, how much even after the fanfare has died out, That we still call out your name, and honor your contribution to this existence, no matter how many years have passed since your physical existence, we still honor you, thank you more than words can convey, and now thank you for all that your contributing to us in so many ways, from the other side.

  2. Once all the 30 minutes of fan fare about Maya is know more, she will be like the rest of so many greats, just a figment of ones imagination, slowly erased and discarded from our memories, as others come into this life to replace them.

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