John Ruckh, a 24 year EMS veteran in Forsyth County, North Carolina, has been suspended after comments he made about Oprah Winfrey were picked up in the 911 call made by Maya Angelou‘s caretaker while the famed poet was dying Wednesday morning at her Winston-Salem home, reports the Winston-Salem Journal.

“These comments are unacceptable and we have opened an internal investigation to look into the circumstances surrounding this event,” Forsyth County EMS Director Dan Ozimek said in a statement.

Ruckh was not the primary dispatcher on the call but was in the same room remarking on controversial comments Winfrey made about racism.Read more from the Journal:

The conversation is a bit garbled on the 911 recording and takes up less than a minute of the 7-minute call, but Ruckh appears to be saying that “Oprah has fallen out of grace” with a lot of people and asks someone if they have heard her recent rant. He says she is upset because people are not supportive of President Barack Obama and, apparently paraphrasing one of her statements, says that racism is alive because so many white people have been raised in the era of hating black people.

Ruckh explained Thursday that he was just having a conversation with another co-worker about an interview he had seen.
“Unfortunately, I work in a high-profile job and everything’s recorded,” Ruckh said.
Ruckh said he regrets the timing of the conversation. He described Angelou as a “wonderful human being” for whom he had “the utmost respect.”
“This is in no way a racial slur, slander, associated conversation,” said Ruckh, who is white.
In a video interview posted Nov. 13 on, Winfrey speaks with the BBC’s Will Gompertz about her role in “The Butler” and the racial themes addressed in the film.

When speaking about racism, Winfrey says during the interview, “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

 Ruckh said though his comments were not racist, he is sorry that he spoke during such a sensitive time:

“In Emergency Services, we deal with a lot of pain and suffering and we make decisions in split seconds to know how to do, what to do and who to send. … However, sometimes we become calloused and insensitive. I really hate that this happened at the time that it did, because this is taking away from Maya Angelou’s passing,” Ruckh said.

Ozimek also offered his condolences to Maya Angelou’s family and shared his hope that this incident doesn’t deflect from the positive impact that she had on so many lives.During the 911 call, Angelou’s caretaker can be heard saying that she thinks she has died and that she didn’t want to be resuscitated.Maya Angelou 911 Call

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71 thoughts on “Dispatcher Suspended For Oprah Winfrey Comments Made During Maya Angelou 911 Call

  1. I think everyone needs to step back and think before speaking and acting. Racism is NOT a cultural thing, but a person thing. I’m black and I deal with pretty much all races. I’ve learned, treat others as you want to be treated. If we all can do that, I believe we will all get along and put all this crap in the trash where it belongs

  2. You know white people are sick when they take the cross and use it for a hate crime.Whites are crazy when they think they own America.Satan has brain washed them into thinking with their mouth.Satan has brain washed them into thinking a gun will save them.God made the world for his people.Satan put the white race to try to control what god has made for his people.The white race do not understand why the Hispanic race moving ahead of them.It is in the bible.White people might be living longer ,but they are suffering more.Visit any hospital.Black people stop letting white people cut on you and fill you up with pills especially in the southern states.I lived in California for 33 years my husband had two major surgeries at the Va hospital in Palo Alto ,
    hospital.He got the best treatments.That was in 1988 and 1996.He has not been ill since.I thank god every day ,because if it had been in the south he would have died.

  3. white people are hated more than any other race of people.They are satan. The white race of people are not in the bible,because they are satan chosen people.As we all know satan love to hate.He love things money,houses, cars,causeing trouble,thinking skin color will get him anything.It will only get him in HELL.White people always trying to start trouble .They are the laziest things that walk on two legs.

  4. Who the hell are you! Your name is not even American so I don’t even want to hear the crap you have to say about anybody. Everybody you listed – you don’t know a damn thing about. Sit down and read what they have to say instead of interjecting your own meaning into everything and you also need to look up the word racist and find out what it really means.

  5. Oprah Winfrey, Its very sad that A very great Lady, Maya Angelou has passed on, May God rest her sole (Oh, sorry you don’t believe in God do you Oprah!) Well anyway, I just want you to know that ever since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as a 13 yr old kid ( really 17 yr old Adult ) There has been nothing but hatred for the whites and as fare as your concerned all the old whites need to up and die. ( I could lower myself to your level and say the same for you and all the black hating young of your race but I want.) It really is sad that every time I hear from you since your statement on your show: ” that I could have gotten me some white folks to work for but I decided to get some white folks to work for me.” ( racist, racist, racist.) But then I don’t expect much more from you anyway Oprah.

    The next time I hear about you Oprah, you have been to Europe and blowing up about some young lady that does not know who you are ( why should she, she lives in another country and most likely does not even see your show or if she is smart doesn’t even watch your show) I know for a fact that you don’t not appear on local Italian TV because I lived there for four years and you never appeared once while I was there on TV. But you showed your big black butt and got her fired and that was that.. I hope you get the same for you some day. ( Couldn’t happen to a much more deserving person ) And now your having some dispatcher with 24 yrs service placed on Suspension for speaking his Freedom of speech and I totally agree with him. You do shoot your mouth off and don’t give a cent
    for anyone but Oprah, herself. ( Your a self centered bitch for a person and you don’t care for no one but your little Oprah self. Your a sad excuse for a human being. May you know and learn that the world don’t rotate around your butt.

    Now we have a Bill in Congress that is to take away the freedom of Speech. Just what is it going to take for the complete country to wake up and see how our freedoms are being taken away one at a time and people like you Oprah are completely happy that these things are taking place to our fellow Americans. I don’t have anymore to say Your are pathetic Oprah and that is a fact.

    Greatness shines on some people and others wish for greatness. Greatness shinned on Maya Angelou, She was a very Beautiful Lady, Some one is wishing for that Greatness but will never be graced with it as they are doing now.

    • Bitch get your story straight. Oprah had nothing to do with that man being put on suspension – he got himself put on suspension because of his remarks that were recorded ON HIS JOB!!! They were on the 911 TAPE that was released to the NEWS. Now you want to blame Oprah for a discussion that this man was discussing while HE WAS BEING PAID ON HIS JOB AND RECORDED. Just because you don’t like Oprah is no reason to be telling lies on her about something that she had no part of. She was speaking the truth when she talked about old white racist was the reason that the world was in the predicament it was in and until they died and buried their racism with them – this nation will never prosper. If you don’t believe me – go into some of these nursing homes that have a lot of these old white people in them and you will see that they still think they are living in the 50’s and 60’s when they could talk to a black person any way they wanted to, spit on them, throw things at them, etc. That woman that was fired from her job because she wouldn’t show Oprah a handbag that cost $2000 should have been. She based that because Oprah was black that she couldn’t afford the purse so she wouldn’t show it to her. What did she think she was going to do – grab it and run out with it. The bitch should have been fired. She should have shown the purse to anyone that came in to look at it instead of showing her prejudice. She didn’t get fired because she didn’t show the bag to Oprah – she got fired because of being prejudice with the customers. Oprah has done more for many people than you could ever do. Showing your prejudice was when you said “But you showed your big black butt and got her fired and that was that’. Oprah didn’t get her fired – she got herself fired and the sooner you face it the better.
      The bill in Congress should take away some Freedom of Speech because some people have gone rampant with it. You call Oprah pathetic when in actuality – you are the pathetic one. You are pathetic because you talk about things that you have never investigated to see what is going on and you talk about people that you know nothing of. You read these tabloids and believe everything they say. Don’t you know that they say these things to get you to buy their papers. And Oprah does believe in God! Where you got that from I will never know. See how people take something that someone else said and run away with it? YOU ARE THE PATHETIC ONE AND STUPID TO BOOT!!!!!

  6. These Top public figures for the most part do not suffer any consequences for their racism or their cynical use of race for political purposes.

    Al Sharpton.
    Provocateur and make-believe civil rights leader.
    Barack Obama.
    U.S. president who rarely fails to inject race into a political fight, no matter how inappropriate.
    Michelle Obama.
    First Lady who only stopped being ashamed of her country when it began to support her husband.
    Eric Holder.
    U.S. attorney general, who hates conservatives and doesn’t believe in enforcing civil rights laws when white people are victims.
    Oprah Winfrey.
    Billionaire media entrepreneur, beloved by her largely white following, but who can’t stop resenting white people.
    James Cone.
    Founder of black liberation theology.
    James Cone is the father of it all. We can only wonder how many people have been killed by followers of black liberation theology, which Cone invented. Cone was a Professor of Systematic Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City. He regards America as an irredeemably racist nation.
    Cornel West.
    Best-selling author and superstar professor whose image manages to outshine his dreary intellectual mediocrity.
    Louis Farrakhan.
    Leader of a hateful Islamic cult.
    Alice Walker.
    Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and bleeding heart who adores cop killers and Fidel Castro.

    • All the people you said? well here is the MAJOR PROBLEM….YOUR COMMKON WHITE RACE MEMBERS are SOOOO bigoted that they THWART THE HIRING, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, HOUSING, BANKING, ECONOMICS, VOTING, and CIVIL RIGHTS of EVERYONE ELSE…..I have a blog called ‘TheBlackStairwell’. on wordpress..there is a post I made that has 3 videos that proove the COMMON WHITE PERSON in the usa is racist to the point ot STOPPING blacks from experiencing freedom IN GENERAL. The three are the White baby doll test, The bike theft test and the Keys stuck in the car Test. ALL social experiments that proove that YOUR COMMON PEOPLE are bigots that never address your shortcomings. So Sorry…but you talking about sharpton? MEANS NOT HING TO YOU PERSONALLY..he wont hurt YOUR PERSONAL LIFE…yet YOU? can effect MINE. PERSONALLY when we work together….or YOU sit in a jury with ME in it or being judged by it.

  7. gentlemanjim on said:

    I hope I don’t get into any trouble for this, but everything he said is fact. Oops, almost forgot that facts don’t count when I has to do with blacks being wrong.

  8. george goldberg on said:

    but oprah’s o.k. for saying old white people need to die?my parents are old white people.i’d say the same to you b i -t -c -h but i’m civilized.

    • You are the b-i-t-c-h because you don’t even know what Oprah said. She said that until those old white people are dead that perpetuate racism – the world will never change. She did not say that all old white people should die. And if your parents fall into the first group – they should be dead and the sooner the better.

  9. Peggy Anderson – you are the most stupid person I have ever seen. You consider being labeled a minority as someone who needs special help. That speaks words because you don’t even consider yourself worth a hill of beans. You yourself consider a minority as being stupid, illiterate, lack leadership abilities, a liar, lazy, liberal and a Democrat. I feel sorry for you because you are just as crazy as a bedbug. How can you have respect for anybody when you don’t even have respect for yourself. You need to run to see a psychiatrist because your mind is surely messed up!!!

  10. Katren Moss on said:

    I am truly sorry what happend to you and that should not happen to anybody of any race, color or creed. But don’t fool yourself sweetie, you were always a Racist and this incident just brought it out to the surface. Now you go have a steak on my DIME since I pay taxes….

  11. I guess you can’t say something bad about O.
    Last time I looked at the US Constitution, I thought that you could. Seems like he could sue– 1st Amendment rights have been violated… no biggie…

  12. Katren Moss on said:

    I agree with chinwendu, Racism has always been around but it had become hidden and undercover until President Obama came into office then the floodgates of hated came open. In all the years of the Presidency from Washington to Bush II, I have NEVER seen this much hate and disrespect for a President of the United States and Race is the primary reason. Like Peggy stated; he is not the best President, he have not taken this country where it needs to be, He has no backbone and surrounds hisself with people who I believe is giving him bad advise so he can look stupid and incompetent ( I roll my eyes everytime he speak). However, yes, if he were white and a Republican, those who are white and Republican and if he were Black and Conservative, those who are Black and Conservative would support his policies . And just because he is black (not really but they say even if you have a drop of black blood, you’re black)…he does not deserve the lack of respect that I have seen from Republicans and those who don’t agree with him (especially us whites). To boo or shout liar to the President is beyond reprehensable…it is degrading and unhumanitarian and ugly and down right unAmerican. Go to another country and try that and disrespect their Leader….you wouldn’t be seen anymore! He is the First (and last for a loooooong time-you see what happened to Herman Cain-his own Repulblican Party derailed his candidacy…lol) African American President and that within itself is an accomplishment, that is why for the most part the African American population is still supporting him….because the same reason whites did not vote for him is the same reason blacks voted for him….He’s Black.

    • You say that President Obama is the first Black President and will be the last. I am glad that you are the one who sits high and looks low because you have surely put yourself in that category. You are just as racist as anyone and should go ahead and admit it. People like you make me sick because they think they are so intelligent when actually they are very ignorant. They think that because they are white that they know everything. Karen Moss – you are just a waste of skin.

  13. Tommi on said:

    This has not taken precedence over Maya Angelous death…NewsOne is reporting it so that it can seem that way…and he was having a conversation with a co-worker…period…his views are his own and if as he says the comments came at a bad time, then leave it alone…we all know racism exists…and it always will…the conversation doesn’t make it better or worse…it just makes it talked about…smh

  14. First off the young man is entitled to his opinion, no matter how lame or one sided it is.

    I’ve been speaking on and fighting Racism for well over 25 years, and it always comes down the Them vs Us thingee. I monitor the post to further educate. The finger pointing is aways one sided when it comes to racism. If an Alien race was to read the comments on this page, they’d be convinced that the Negro race was the most vile and evil race on the planet and all other races were so very docile and has never ever done wrong. I’ve spoken to 100s if not 1000s of people of both races and it always comes down to differences in thinking and knowing.

    Both races tend to think of criminal acts done by their own race as an individual doing the act. However when it comes to the other race they see the act as representing that whole race. There for the statement starts with, White are … or Blacks are … The race is generalized.

    I’ve spoken with many Blacks on obtaining things and I’ve never once heard one of them say

    either in ear shot of their conversation or speaking to them. “I want a hand out” or “I want someone else to take care of me” I have heard both races rich and poor admit “I wouldn’t mind FREE STUFF”

    In reading the comments. Had it ever occurred to anyone here that one race is always the problem. And to get rid of racism the other race would just act right, or act like we normal people act. No other solution but that. And if that happens the world would be a better place.

    Many people I’ve spoken with don’t really know what racism is. Oh we read the definition in the dictionary, and if we haven’t said the N word out loud or in private, or if we know someone of the other race, we then look in the mirror and say … I’m clean! If your here and the other race is your problem … nuff said.

    The other thing I’ve learned about racism is stereotyping is mainly perpetrated by other of our own race, In other words what we hear and learn, we do so from those who look like us. Parent, family members, friends, and peers. Then sooner or later it becomes gospel.

    How is it that we hold our Founding Fathers up in high esteem. They who wrote “All men are equal” and those who believe in the God in whom this country is founded on say “Man was created in his image” How is that with knowing these thing we act like the Bell Curve theory exist We act as if we are comparing Hippos to Giraffes. ie Black do this … and Whites do that. Can those species produce like species? No but Blacks and Whites can. Then we throw the offspring into the Black category. Amazing.

    A friend of mine who was a self described admitted Racist told me this. His family had a history of admitted racism through the Klan. Everything he learned about Blacks was because his family taught it to him. He first began to see the light when he had to work with a Black guy on his job. The Black guy, he said never knew his background, but volunteered to pick him up for work in the morning and home again once work was done. The Black used to bring him an extra plate of lunch and was genuinely kind to him in every way. He said after sometime he finally told the Black guy of his past. The Black guy only asked two questions. Did you ever call Blacks the N word? he said yes. And do he consider him one. The things he learned about Blacks is and not the same he found out on his own. He and the Black man are still friends to this day.

    See with racism the racist heart is never satisfied . There must always be something or someone to rile against. There must always be difference. Remember the slaughter of the Native Americans? The treatment of the Negro slave and other immigrants who came here. It all began and ends with the Us vs Them thing. “They are not like us … soooo. It became easy for us to say what we say and act like we act. Because they are not like us. And because of this there will always be a need for racism to exist.

    When the Black man has been hated into oblivion, then it’ll be the brown, yellow and red man’s turn. Or even the White man. There might be a problem with the Bi-racial man. And when we are through with these, then we’ll turn to eye and hair color difference. It never ends. We will always find something or someone to blame for the cause of our unhappiness and say “If they will just be as perfect as us….

    Remember, when one points fingers without rightfully examining and judging him or her self , hypocrisy always points back.

    Make a difference and end this STUPIDITY!!! No matter how you fix it up or dress it up, point a finger or blame, your race ain’t no better than the next.

    • Concerned on said:

      I’m sorry that skin color divides us, just as so much does for those who choose division. We all bear
      such wonderfulness. Our unity in good is what strengthens our humanity with power – the power to love.

      That will keep us together. We cannot spend the rest of our days bearing grudges, accusing and
      excusing, hating each other, speaking things for affect. Ms. Winfrey’s comments if she said them, are her opinion. Unnecessary and reckless for a woman of her status, her comments do not represent all

      Afro-Americans. Many Euro-Americans have helped to establish her status of today, so when terms
      describing people as colors are carelessly used, there is a problem. As well, the dispatcher’s comments were his opinion, yet reckless. Though I do not think he meant to be racist, this situation proves how anyone of us can use the tougue to hurt or help. It’s time to help. Many descendants of Africans treated as slaves are as guilty of prejudice. Many of them harden their hearts toward anyone unlike themselves.

      As an Afro-American I am ashamed of this, because this hypocrisy is what led to Africans selling their own people into slavery long before the Europeans enter their land. WE bear the guilt of
      our ancestor’s sins. Quiet as it is kept, many Afro-Americans are very prejudice, and secretly so.

      Many bear their grudges behind the backs of their Euro-American neighbors, while clamoring after their stuff, their ways, their status, often while grinning in their faces. Many do not know their whole
      history, and are therefore subject to repeat the same slave mentality – eat or be eaten, survival of the fittest, Me Me Me. It is the whole truth that sets us all free. Likewise, it must be stated that many

      European-Americans have unselfishly reached out to others, especially Afro-Americans, even losing their lives, and have never been told thanks and shown the appreciation deserved. It’s time for us all to grow-up and put aside our petty differences and maturely love one another, before we all go down a fools. Love, and be loved. Peace.

      • What is this s*it Afro-Americans should thank European Americans! Thank them for what- enslaving them in a foreign country, stealing them from their families,whipping them, starving them, killing them, raping them,selling them, etc. and eventually freeing them! What are they supposed to do – kiss European Americans ass! You must be out of your mf mind. To show that you don’t even know what you are talking about – this Afro-American bull. It is African-American!!!!!

  15. Anyone whose sole source of amusement is talking about other people is a very dull boy indeed. I feel for the guy. Imagine being as stupid and boring as he is.

  16. Peggy Andresaon on said:

    I’m labeled a minority. It’s condescending and arrogant. It carries a stigma that give people an excuse for failure and leaves them believing they are somehow second rate or not smart enough to get a good education and make it in the world.

    What the dispatcher said was correct. Since Obama was elected we see more and more race stories and more and more voices being silenced for perceived insults. We have racism back full force and Obama’s actions have started hatred in the youth community. Ever hear about Polar Bear hunting? The little game Black youth have come up with. They hunt White people an punch them until the are down and unconscious. How’s that going to help race relations in this country.

    Here’s the real deal – NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE YOU NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE. Get over it, learn to respect yourself and don’t believe what the liberals tell you. You DO NOT NEED SPECIAL HELP (their help) to get somewhere in life. You just need to respect yourself, your abilities and apply yourself to get a good educations. If you treat people with respect and are responsible for your actions you get the same treatment back.

    Oprah can sit in her million dollar mansion, but she doesn’t live in the real world and needs to make herself somehow feel better or more superior by her views. So intend of being united as a nation of AMERICANS we are all labeled and put in our places so that other like Oprah, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton can garner publicity and make money.

  17. Bill Cobb on said:

    Good lord i pray for the day when people stop talking about someone’s race, no one has any control of the race & color they are born.

    • Tutt on said:

      I hear you – most of the time the response to what is described as a “racial” incident is more often than not overblown and over-exaggerated and exacerbates the situation more than it resolves it. Not everything involving two people or group of people of different races is racial and in this case the response is inappropriate. The only thing the EMS dispatcher should be accused of is conducting a privtae conversation too close to an emergency recorded line. I sincerely hope the outcome meets the “crime” and that management demonstrates common sense in leadership. As a black person it would be hard to find anything offensive in what was said and again — some situations require using a scalpel instead of a hatchet. This a non-public issue that hopefully will be dealt with sensibly and fairly.

  18. Andrea on said:

    Dr. Angelou would not want him to lose his job after 24 years. That just shows how dumb his employers are…letting go 24 years of 911 experience for what; a conversation between 2 co-workers referencing something a public figure said. WOW!

  19. The man said nothing…I repeat, NOTHING wrong. if one can lose a job over something as CS as this, maybe it’s a job not worth having. Review his tenure as an ambulance dispatcher. How many lives were saved on 911 calls handled by him? Has he EVER refused to dispatch an ambulance to ANYONE based on the patients ethnicity? I’m betting he hasn’t. If those people alive today because of his timely action are trumped by the statements quoted above, then it is his former employers that need a hard look in the mirror, not him. And before you ask, yes, I am black.

    • Peggy Andresaon on said:

      No you are an AMERICAN. You are only labeled like I am because that gives power, money and publicity to the people that labeled you.

    • That man had worked that job for 20 + years and he didn’t know that everything in that office was being taped! He had been doing that – it was just the first time that someone of importance had called and they requested the 911 tape. This is not an isolated incident with this person and he should be FIRED!!!! You don’t know how many people have died under his watch or how many people lost service under his watch. There is more to this than meets the eye!

  20. All this crap with recording a conversation while working is INSANE. Nothing but pure B.S.
    Shame on this site for making a mountain out of a mole hill !

  21. chinwendu on said:

    If this is actually what the dispatcher said…it is merely his opinion. The comment was made at an inappropriate and insensitive time but I wouldn’t say it is a racists comment.

  22. michelle paige on said:

    As a woman of color I say – WHO CARES what this man said in a private conversation to a coworker! This constant accusation of racism, even where it doesn’t exist, dilutes the fact that it does exist in small but serious percentages. By the way – people are entitled to not like other races and cultures, they just can’t discriminate or interfere with another American’s pursuit of life liberty and happiness. So now we have one less EMS helping people of ALL colors, creed and race because he dared have a conversation about some biased comments a public figure made…so backward.

  23. Camella Jenkins on said:

    He acted stupidly knowing he has a high profile job (everything is recorded), the tell them that in training so it’s not like he didn’t know any better than to make any type of negative comments regardless of who the 911 caller is. He should have know better, therefore the consequense will probably be fire him (use him as an example).

    • Peggy Andresaon on said:

      What he said was HIS opinion and until you realize that most people have opinions (you just gave yours) you are doomed to live in a divided world. Freedom of speech is the reason we are here today able to comment. Freedom of speech is to always pretty and can be very ugly, but it happens. I have read some comments made by Rev. Wright and even as a minority I find the insulting, but he still had the right to say them.

      Keeping people separate with labels is just control, nothing more. A lot of people make their living off keeping us at each other.

      This man obviously did a good job for all the years he worked and now there is one less EMS dispatcher that knows his job, working for AMERICANS.

      Ask yourself this… what if we were not labeled and we could all just be AMERICANS? How about that?

  24. White Boy on said:

    If as no one is aware of the horrific acts of violence , NATIONWIDE by NEGROES against whites , Asians and Hispanics .

    • Onyx on said:

      When you say colored people who are you referring too? Let me see, Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, White, and Black are all colors. So which ‘colored people are you referring too?

  25. Tina on said:

    I never thought of myself as being racist, however after the sexual harassment that I just went through in the nursing home that I work in I think I have changed my mind. I am no prude, but I believe that blacks should be with blacks and whites should be with whites that is my opinion, however when this black man closed the door in the room I was in with 4 residents (all females) and rubbed his junk on my back side while grabbing my breasts while saying that I need to have a man like him in my life… trust me I did not appreciate that one bit and I did report him and what happened, well HE got suspended for 2 days (with pay) and I got moved to another hallway only because the place that I work in is afraid of black people. When that happened I started being to dislike blacks all together now they are all just low life who wants to get ahead simply by appearance and by big words that they don’t even know the meaning of it, they ALL are just A WASTE OF BODY and at this moment I see nothing wrong with keeping 2 or 3 in chains….. BLACK PEOPLE KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED AND GET OFF WELFARE. I think its amusing that they guy with the funky hair did NOT come out of the woodwork to speak about civil rights and the reverend nope NOT in sight probably sharing that T-bone steak dinner with Obama. YEP on my dime your know THE WHITE FOLK.

    • michelle paige on said:

      being assaulted is traumatizing but you can’t hold that against an entire race. You should probably get some therapy to help you deal with your post traumatic stress disorder or it will consume you.

    • chinwendu on said:

      It is a personal violation and anger is definitely a stage that one passes through to get healthy; thought, it is not good to mentally stay in that spot. There is no way all African-Americans can or will be held responsible for what that perverted one did to you. If one abuses their position and authority, the person should be terminated, no matter the color of their skin. Direct what happen to the person that hurt you and not to those who have not. I wish healing to you in every area of your life.

    • “I never thought of myself as being racist’ Really!? … Seriously!? Well now you’ve finally found out you are. I truly don’t believe all that happened to you. I really believe you just made it all up to rant your point. See here’s the thing that gave you away. “I believe that blacks should be with blacks and whites should be with whites that is my opinion” Yeah kinda like comparing Hippos to Giraffes huh? To different species. I see the act of one individual lead you to rant and rave against every Black person out there, past, present and future. Now I know you probable try and clean it up by saying “I didn’t mean every Black person” Well I’ll say “Yes you did” You see you could give Blacks (meaning the whole race) the respect of pointing that out. You just went into “Blacks are this, that and the other” You know like they are low lives and every other thing God didn’t create. Oh here’s the other thing that makes you a li. Yeah I said it … LIER, LIER … LIER!!! You said he did all that to you with witnesses and you didn’t file sexual harassment charges with your job and/or the local Police Department. Better yet sue your company. Ok, ok yeah I forgot … everybody is soooo scared “o dem Blacks folks”. I could go on you know. But I’ll finish with this. I know two African American women who were both raped by a White assailants … See that you are soooo good in expressing words of race. You have any ideas on what they ought to say about … you know … White people. Can you help a couple of … Sisters out?

    • Peggy Andresaon on said:

      So if he was any other color would it still have been wrong? How stupid to blame one incident on all the people.

    • Tina – Your ass needs to be fired from that Nursing Home. Nobody with your attitude should be working around people – you need to be around animals because that is just what you have become. Just because some black person made sexual advances to you and the administration didn’t fire him (was it your word against his or your word against others)? You were moved to another floor by whom- the nursing home administration (which I am taking a guess – are ALL white) and now you blame every Black for everything that is wrong. And what is this s*it about CLOSE YOUR LEGS AND GO TO WORK. If you would look at the statistics – more white people are on WELFARE than Blacks and who are you to tell someone to CLOSE THEIR LEGS. You probably are the biggest White Whore that ever walked the streets or maybe you can’t even give it away because you are a big, fat, stinky cow that nobody wants a part of. You have always been racist and now you want to blame your problems on all black people. As I said before – that Nursing Home should fire your ass because you are no good to the people at that nursing home and no good to yourself. You are a waste of skin!!!

  26. I really didn’t see Ophra Interview, I heard so many version till I read the above statement from John Ruckh.. And what I got from that is Oprah saying that so many white people alive grew up with this racial experience.. And when they die things will change… Nobody lives forever, and when a certain generation dies out, things change.. Either for the better or worst…If you continually teaching the children religious or racially degrading things about other groups of people, then surely this earth will be real hell…I can only pray that the light will shine in the hearts of men.. So the next generation will have peace and unity on earth…

  27. DeeDee on said:

    The so called person who made this comment

    “Honestly on June 2, 2014 at 6:42 pm said:
    Filthy cave n!@@ers are full of hate. These neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe” needs Jesus. I am sadden by these comments and fear for their souls. May God have mercy on you!
    I will pray for you as God does not hear a sinners prayer.


    • Phil on said:

      If God doesn’t hear a sinners prayers…How does one ask for forgiveness if one is a sinner looking for redemption?

  28. Truth on said:

    The truth is Lecia you black folks have lost your minds over Obama. He can do no wrong despite the lies and death way beyond anything Nixon dreamed of. After he leaves office you will wake up realizing how much worse off you are.

    • Peggy Andresaon on said:

      See the anger this all has created in you….. What has Obama done to unite everyone in this country. Please let me know because I can’t find anything he has ever said about the greatness of this country or it’s people…..

      As for your comment – you are just a bigoted and racist as the WHTES you just railed about. Think about it. You have just lumped an entire group of people together in one tidy knot without even knowing who they are or what the believe by the color of their skin.

      AND yes I’m labeled a minority….. grow up and take responsibility for your life. It doesn’t matter what someone says – it only matters if you love or respect them. All the other things are just of no consequence. Have enough self-respect to walk away and tell yourself that person doesn’t matter in your life so why worry? People will always hate for whatever reason and no law or government will ever change that.

      The thing is we have all been lead down the path of division as soon as the labeling started and now we are so far down we are completely divided. A true leader, no matter what color, leads and unites their people.

    • “Truth” Really!?… Wrong name. Dude what is this “You black folks” thing. What is this? Like I asked Tina earlier, we’re comparing Hippos to Giraffes now? You said he meaning Obama, can do no wrong despite the lies and death. You forgot WMD … Lie and the total deaths of Americans of both wars Irap and Afghanistan 6,717 with and est. 100,000 wounded. So how bout those Lies and death. Oh yeah before you start. Dems did vote to go to war … BECAUSE THEY WERE LIED TO! You said … “After he leaves office you (I guess you meaning Blacks again) will wake up realizing how much worse off you are” So you at least admit they were … worse off before. You know when they had all those White folks in office. Lemme ask you something. When Blacks voted for all the other White Candidates for years they were … in their right frame of mind? And when they voted for Conservative Candidates … Oh boy!!! They must have been “geniuses” huh? Oh and another question … When you voted for all those White folk candidates … did you lose your mind? Kinda sounds like White folks are the only ones who are entitled to vote for they think is best to represent them. But everybody else … well they just don’t know any better do they, and the White folks need to come to their rescue and tell them who is best for them. Bet it’ll be somebody White.

  29. Honestly on said:

    Filthy cave n!@@ers are full of hate. These neanderthal apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

    • How did this turn into a name calling match! What the HELL is wrong with you people? and when I say “you” I mean all of you that’s talking that racist CRAP!! Right now I’m not seeing any difference in one bad comment or another despite the race color or creed if your actions define those racist slurs and they do…that same slur you use on others apply to you as well. I have yet to see a president that has made a difference in this world. things didn’t just get ugly with Obama it’s been UGLY for a long time.

  30. Miss B on said:

    I don’t see where he said anything wrong. Maybe a suspension for making non-situation related comments, but he hasn’t said anything wrong.

    • Shelly Ellzey on said:

      White folks have more hate then mind, when Obama became president, their hate took over their body. They can’t deal with what we can deal with, we a lot more stronger than them.

      • michelle paige on said:

        Shelly – being a hypocrite doesn’t help matters. It was predominately white people that elected Obama, yet you disparage the entire white race in your ignorant comment, just like racists do.

      • chinwendu on said:

        This is a pretty accurate observation. Since President Obama was elected to office, it seems to me that racism has become more loud, rude, destructive, etc. It was there all along but restrained or hidden (in many instances). President Obama being elected to office threw the lies told about African-Americans back in the face of ALL white racists. There responses become vocal and actions followed. Many whites may not be as strong but there are others who are grand-master manipulators.

        Racists, no matter the color of their skin, are very sick minded people and have hearts full of hate.

      • Peggy Andresaon on said:

        First I’m labeled as a minority which is condescending, arrogant and without reason as I don’t need anyones special help.

        Second… I am saddened that the first Black President (he’s only 1/2) has such a dismal record of leadership. That’s what I object to, not his ethnic background. He has lied countless times and it’s bee proven. He has done nothing to help the economy and jobs are being lost at an alarming rate. The numbers you see for unemployment, inflations, health care signups are wrong, inflated and biased yet people continue to support him.

        Ask this – if he were White an a Republican would you support his policies? If he was Black and Conservative would you support his policies? Most likely not, but all I know that race, religion, political affiliation, media, gender, sexual preference have all come back with a vengeance at a time when we should be united to get this country back to center and working.

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