A Norfolk, VA teen was so angry over his parents taking his electronic device that he beat and stabbed them to death.

The NY Daily News reports:

Vincent Parker told investigators that he killed his 57-year-old mother, Carol, and 55-year-old father, Wayne, inside the family’s Norfolk home on Dec. 19, 2013, according to his confession revealed in court on Wednesday.

The teen, an only child, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder.

“I just remember getting mad,” he told police, according to WTKR-TV. “It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

The teen, an honor roll student at Norview High School, said he first attacked his mother as she stepped out of a bathroom inside the Bland St. home.

He doused the woman with pepper spray before stabbing her in the eye, and beating her with a baseball bat and a crowbar — striking her at least 25 times in the neck, face and head, police said.

Vincent Parker said he hit his father with a crowbar and stabbed him several times when the man came home a short time later.

The bleeding father managed to call 911 and told police what happened before he died at a local hospital. His wife was dead before emergency workers arrived.

Their son confessed to the vicious killings after his DNA was found on several murder weapons, which included five bloody knives, a baseball bat and a crowbar.

The teen is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 18.

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(Photo Source: NY Daily News)


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13 thoughts on “Virginia Teen Admits To Killing Parents For Taking His iPod

  1. ShotCalla on said:

    When I saw the story I thought for sure it was a white boy. Now that I see his pic. WTF is happening to our kids.

  2. The Truth on said:

    I saw another picture of the boy’s parents, and he looks nothing like them. How much you want to bet he’s probably an adopted crack baby. Just saying!

  3. Ms. Rona on said:

    I don’t give a f*ck how mad he got. WHO THE HELL IS HE? Parents are NOT being parents these days, they want to be friends with their children, these new children need their ass whipped. Maybe he didn’t get his ass whipped enough, now he gets what he gets. If kids are bad enough to do the crime, they have to learn to be bad enough to do the time. SEYAH!

  4. lecia on said:

    Lord, Jesus what is wrong with these young people these days everyone is so angry about everything. I’m 41 years old and to this day I still respect my mom. Help us Lord please cover us with your blood in Jesus name I pray amen. (tear)

  5. I said it. on said:

    Don’t spank them, put them in time out when they are little and take their things when they are bigger, right experts? So much for not wanting to lower their self-esteem and self-expression. Black parents better stick with what works for the individual child.

    It’s time for this kid to go.

  6. Paris on said:

    Wow! What the hell is wrong with kids today? My parents punished me by taking away privileges but it never entered my mind to kill my parents. I gave them the silent treatment even though they didn’t know it at the time. It seems like there is some sort of disconnect with kids today.

  7. Guest1 on said:

    Another kid with a sense of entitlement, and with the sense, I think he’s entitled to spend the rest of life behind bars.

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